Monday, September 28, 2009

Links Galore!

I am a busy little bee over here at casa de phillips today. In lieu of an actual post with an attempt at actual writing and possibly satirical wit, I am going to simply post some links I have been holding onto for awhile now. Enjoy!

  • I love secrets...especially when food is involved!
  • Isaac had great fun counting the house last week. I think he had even more fun when he tried to make Miss E. do it as well....
  • The next cool snap we have, I am making these ASAP
  • I *heart* a good smokey eye when going out with the husband. Here are some tips to achieve "smokey" as opposed to "trashy."
  • I made journals for the kids about a month ago, mainly as something for them to do at the table when Mommy needs to write. Also, I think one can never start writing too early (I wrote my first "novel" in elementary school. I fervently hope it has gotten lost in one of my parents' moves.). Here are some great journaling tips for kids. We have not started writing in our journals yet, but I hope to soon.
  • I really, really, really want to like oatmeal. It is supposed to be so healthy. However, the smell of instant oatmeal turns my stomach. My pal Jordan posted this recipe for oatmeal recently and I am considering attempting it.
  • What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year? It is still a debate here at casa de phillips. Katherine Marie Photography recently posted some ADORABLE pictures of her kids' past costumes.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

Instant oatmeal is yuck! You must try steel cut oats. Put a little brown sugar and butter in them and they are WONDERFUL!

Sarah said...

I can vouch for Baked tastes really good, and makes the house smell good, too! :)