Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to school for the phillips family

As September rushed to greet us, the phillips family went back to school. Isaac has been counting down the days until school began, eager to get started on preschool for the 2009/2010 year. He had grand plans as for what he would carry in his backpack, who he would play with on the playground, and what exactly he would learn.

I have a secret suspicion that he had concocted a few lesson plans in that little head of his as well. I hope the child did not feel the need to share said plans with his teacher. (The other day he offered a suggestion to the children's librarian about a potential activity for storytime. She was not very amused by such a suggestion). As in years past, Isaac was allowed to bring a special friend to join him on the first day of school. This year the honors fell to Tiger, leaving poor Ike at home to wonder why he was not attending preschool.
Isaac chose a red shirt with a collar (red is his all-time favorite color and collared shirts are an almost daily request... he is his PopPop's grandson) to wear on his first day of school. The backpack of choice this year was MarioKart. I was a bit sad to see the Little Einsteins backpack used over the past two years set aside in the top of his closet. I can remember a tiny little twenty-four month old Isaac hugging that pack ferociously the day we purchased it in Target.
But a boy has to grow-up (just a bit) and MarioKart is a harmless replacement.

Isaac had no reservations about going to class and sitting down to get right to work. Having graduated into the "experienced student" status, he was the designated line leader for the day. That boy loves being line leader (go figure), enjoying any opportunity to lead others around and possibly direct them in what to do/say/act/feel.

While Isaac was at school, Evelyn and I enjoyed our annual girl's lunch at a local eatery. I *heart* a good girl's lunch complete with flavored ice tea and chicken salad sandwiches so I am thankful that I have a daughter to accompany me on such outings. While dining, I asked Evelyn if she will still want to eat with me when she is a big girl. After getting over her initial anger because she thought my statement implied she currently was not a big girl ("I am a big girl, Mommy!"), she agreed that she would always lunch with me. I figure such an agreement might dissolve a bit during the teenage years, but for now I am thankful for quiet moments with my favorite little girl.

Because the children attend a particular type of preschool, their classes do not meet on the same days. Isaac currently attends two days a week, while Evelyn just goes one. Therefore after Isaac's first day of school at the beginning of the week we turned around and had Evelyn's first day of preschool the following day.
Miss E. was not too convinced she wanted to attend school, claiming she would just rather "stay with ewe, Mommy." After a minor wardrobe meltdown (she wanted to wear this dress because she knows it is a "school dress". However, her legs are so long now that the dress has become a shirt.), she was fed, dressed, and ready to go.

I got her ready under the clear belief that no little girl should attend her first day of preschool without a bow as big as her head secured tightly in her hair.

Evelyn's backpack this year is Disney Princess. It is pink, glittery, and the definition of "tacky"...which is exactly why she loves it. It makes her terribly happy so I attempt to ignore my feelings of dislike over anything with a character screenprint affixed to it.

Isaac led the way into school, Evelyn attempting to toddle behind him while holding up a backpack that weighs more than she.
We were fortunate enough that Tobe could go into work just a bit late that day so he could see E. off on her first day (and have Isaac show him the classroom).
Evelyn quickly found her name and placed her backpack on the hook and her folder in the container. Knowing that the children are tested at the beginning/end of each year, I had reviewed E. earlier that morning about all her basic knowledge (name recognition, colors, shapes, counting, ABC's). Pretty obnoxious, huh? I did refrain from inquiring as to how she did on her test later that day during pick-up time (Don't worry, I'll ask next week. I only refrained because the previous day when the teacher told me how Isaac had done on his test I mentioned that she might also want to test his knowledge of the United States and have him identify various countries on a globe. See what I mean about obnoxious?).
After a few (hundred) pictures, Evelyn found a seat at the table and got to work. We were able to get Isaac out of the room without broadcasting to the entire class that we were leaving (it is a covert operation when leaving Miss E.) and left our baby girl to experience her first educational setting alone. Isaac and I enjoyed our very first day alone without Miss E. in two years. He had quite the time planning our activities and choosing the location for our lunch date.

Evelyn's first day was a success. There were some tears, but they did not last long. When I picked her up, she perkily jumped in the car and exclaimed, "I didn't eat my lunch today!". Seems that one of the crying episodes happened during lunch time and she did not want to eat lunch without her mommy.

I personally think she might have been crying because there was no ice tea or cute little sandwiches served...

School is off to a good start. Both children have been especially cranky in the afternoon as we adjust to this new/old schedule (one day they were both laying in the floor crying, clad only in t-shirts and underwear while I attempted to cook supper), but I figure that phase will pass quickly. I have heard snippets of little conversations between the two as they compare activities participated in and choice of recess equipment played on while at school on their separate days.

Good times.

Hopefully the two will still be this eager about school in seven years when I have to drag them out of bed and shove them out the door.

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Kelly said...

Great pictures, and it sounds like a great first day. That Issac is hilarious!