Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Not a June Cleaver-esque Day

Today has been blah.

It has been remotely productive. I managed to drag myself from the warm comforts of my bed to join the other 11 people crazy enough in my town to partake in boot camp at 5:30am in the morning. Seriously, we pay someone to tell us to squat like a frog while doing repeated laps around a room. My thighs might thank the teacher, but my sanity is likely in question.

It was a normal kid day. A few squabbles here, a computer desk accidentally broken there (big tears over that one...and I wonder if the space bar on our keyboard will ever recover), a sock inadvertently drawn on with hot pink marker causing more bouts of tears. I managed to completely overhaul Isaac's closet as well as go through a portion of our children's book collection (if our local library ever closes, the citizens of our town need not worry. They can simply swing by casa de phillips for a few books.).

I beat Isaac at Candy Land and worked a few puzzles. I helped Evelyn doctor her Baby Kate. Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper were all consumed. But for whatever reason is was just a blah day.

Anyone else out there with a bit of the blahs?

In non-blah news, you can check out a former Savethephillipsfamily blog post over at BurbMom today. Enjoy!


Kelly said...

I have had plenty of those blah days. Not sure what causes them b/c then I'll have some great ones just a day or so later? Usually ice cream seems to help.

Jordan said...

I want to know who was crying over the broken or the kids?

Blah days are no fun and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Phillips Family said...

Isaac was the one crying...I was the one sighing loudly. He only broke the keyboard tray and I since have "fixed" it.

Ashley said...

I am definitly having a blah day. Can't help it. Bed rest is boring. TV is reruns. Carley is at preschool so I can keep the "rest" part included in bed rest. All my clothes are elastic. My nose is runny and stuffy at the same time.