Friday, September 25, 2009

This week's Mom--iform

In sixth grade, when large "attitude" buttons were all the rage (and I suppose the pre-cursor to today's attitude tees), I proudly purchased one that read "Born to shop" and affixed it to my purple Members Only jacket.

Good times.

The sentiment of "Born to Shop" has remained true, as I love to shop. Miss E. is showing such a passion as well in her early years. The husband better hold tight to those credit cards when she hits her tween years because I have a feeling she and I will be participating in several mommy/daughter shopping sprees.

Even though I do heart shopping, I have the tendency to buy the same outfit over and over and over again.

Remember my trouser jean affair of last Fall and Winter? I am not even going to reveal how many pairs of these jeans I own.

I tend to find something I like and stick with it for awhile. For example, when I find a pair of boots or sandals that get my attention I purchase them in a variety of colors. When I find a t-shirt that holds up to my SAHM role, I stock up.

Lately my newest wardrobe craze has been the pairing of the long cardigan, the fitted t-shirt, jeans (really wanting these boyfriend jeans for ATL), funky necklace, and sandals.

I have worn this uniform of sorts four out of the five days this week. I would be wearing it today, but I am out of clean cardigans.

Do you have a go-to outfit or suffer from the tendency to purchase the same item repeatedly? Is your closet over-flowing with seven different "perfect" little black dresses? Am I the only person who gets excited when Target clearances out basic necessities and grabs one in each shade of the rainbow?

Share amongst yourselves...


kristofer and ivy said...

Love the Long & Leans!

These days, I can't get enough of V-neck and scoop-neck cuts. (I do have several of the same ones, in different colors.)

I LOVE your sandals! However, I'm unable to keep ahead of my toddler unless I'm very quick and light on my feet - thus, the sneakers. (Rocket Dog's are my favorite.)

Happy Friday, Ms. Mom of the Philips!


kristofer and ivy said...

NOTE - The above is my standard "play clothes" uniform. I spend my weekdays in an office and do my best to keep the babies (and their messes, goo, drool, etc.) away from my work clothes.