Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello, 800

This is my 800th post.


I remember when I first heard someone talking about a "blog", I had no idea if it was some sort-of contagious disease or a vague technical term like "texting." I soon discovered that a blog was similar to an on-line diary and I could cruise said diaries of a variety of people, some I knew and most I had never met before. Soon after that I typed out my first post and 798 posts later, here we are.

Good times.

The amusing thing about these 800 posts detailing the activities, lives and details of our little family of four is that the two main stars of most of these posts have no clue as to this blog's existence. Most of my writing occurs when the children are asleep, either in the early morning hours, at naptime, or in the evening. Now that I have been writing a lot more lately, the kids are a bit more aware that Mommy does something else other than fetch goldfish and dream up random projects for them to craft (by the way, I glittered pumpkins with Miss E. yesterday. Our sidewalk and her hair might never be the same.). One day they might pour over the pages from this blog. Or they might beg me to hide them and never, ever mention such stories during life's important moments such as their graduations or rehearsal dinners (They have been discussing how they will one day become a mommy and a daddy. Currently they are planning on Isaac being the daddy and Evelyn being the mommy and Tobe and I can come visit on occasion. Precious, I tell you.)

So...thanks for sticking around for 800 posts. Especially for posts lately that tend to link to a writing somewhere else or discuss topics not nearly as entertaining as a play-by-play rundown of our latest shopping adventure at Target.

Here's to the next 800...

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Jennifer Reinsch said...

Congrats on making it to 800. You need a cake to commerate the occasion.