Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Anxiety of Commenting

I follow several blogs through Google reader.

I know, I know...when you read a blog solely in a reader the blog doesn't get your hit. Sorry. I do click on the actual blog name occasionally just to send some reader love, but for the most part I stick to my reader. It is easy, fast, and perfect for a busy mommy who only has small pockets of blog reading time (and occasionally has little eyes peering over her shoulder, questioning if children on other blogs are themselves).

Like I said, I read several blogs. Some of people I know, others of people I do not know. Just this past weekend I ran across someone who's blog I read but do not actually know. I stopped myself before I said hello, realizing that this particular blog author does not know me and likely does not know I read her blog. The blog world is a bit creepy like that, but I chalk it up to how society runs in this age of technology. Sure it is odd that I can tell you what the kid I sat next to in third grade ate for breakfast this morning courtesy of his Facebook status, but that is simply the era we currently exist in right now.

My confession here is that although I have been blogging for FOUR YEARS now (my blog-versery is tomorrow!) and reading blogs for a bit longer, I am horrible at commenting. By that I mean, when I sit down to leave a comment my mind simply goes blank. Obviously something in the author's post has inspired me to reply back in my own words, however such words become tangled and awkward as that empty comment box stares up at me. Rather than being able to type out some witty reply, I often am searching for words that eventually convey such profound thoughts as "Great post!." or "I like that."

Comment wordsmith I am not.

Am I alone in this arena? Am I the only one who feels a bit of test anxiety when faced with an empty comment box? Obviously other people are able to leave behind thoughtful comments full of witty banter because I read them right here on my own blog.

So if I leave a comment on your blog that sounds something like "uh...that was cool" know what I really mean is that your story, thoughts or ideas stirred a bit of something inside of me.


Heather said...

I know exactly how you feel. I saw you at Homecoming, but knew you wouldn't know me so I didn't say hello. And, I never know what to say in comments, so I don't (usually)!

Smockity Frocks said...

Uhhhh... cool.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

I've just now gotten to where I feel comfortable commenting on people's blogs that I don't actually know, but then I always preface it with "I know you don't know me but...".

My blog has started feeding straight to facebook, and so while I usually get some facebook comments on my blog, my cute little blog sight doesn't get the hits because people have already read it on FB.

Oh the quandry.

Phillips Family said... should have said hello! Did you have a good time at Homecoming?

Lisa said...

I know what you mean! There have been so many times that I've wanted to comment on a blog but didn't. I start typing but then feel like a big dork & erase it!

I love getting comments, but I think a lot of my readers feel the same way I do... so, not much comments to read on my little blog!

Kelly said...

Now this one is major pressure to figure out what to comment! :) I'm always a fan of "cute kids!"

Kara Alexander said...

I wish I could put a "thumbs up" sign on this post. :)

Katherine Marie! said...

I am so bad at commenting! I know what you are saying and can totally relate. I even feel so bad about my commenting abilities that I took comments off my blog completely! BUT the great thing about BLOGGING is that comments or not we are all here to support and encourage each other... thank you for sharing!!!