Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's the great (glitter) pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Fat pumpkins, friendly scarecrows, bright mums and cool weather all make me happy. I love fall, especially the decor and flavored hot drinks that accompany it. A few weeks ago I set out to add to my fall decor, opting to glam up a few pumpkins with some glitter and glue. It is a simple project, one inspired by the crafting queen herself.

First, assemble the needed items: glue, paintbrush, extra-fine glitter (important to get "extra-fine"), and a pumpkin or gourd (can be real or fake). Next, paint a small section of the pumpkin/gourd with the glue.

Apply lots and lots of beautiful, sparkly, messy glitter.

Repeat this process until the entire pumpkin is covered in glitter. Allow to dry for several hours. After the pumpkin is dry, drop gently on the ground to shake off excess glitter.

Display and feel happy every time you glance up at your craftiness!


*Do this craft outside! Your home will NEVER BE THE SAME should you attempt to do this craft indoors.

*Evelyn helped me with some of my pumpkins and they came out a bit spotty. She is just learning to hone her crafting skills, thus the reason some of my pumpkins have orange peeking through the glitter.

*Head on over and read more from me discussing glittering pumpkins.


Robin said...

So pretty! What a terrific project. Thanks for sharing.


Kelly said...

So cute...love it!

Specks said...

Beautiful pumpkins! I am inspired and MAY just give it a try....

Jordan said...

Those are so pretty and sparkly! Maybe I'll just add that to my fall decorating next year. (There's not enough time to get them finished and enjoy them this year!)