Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Einstein, Give me a refund!

The other day the children wanted to watch a video. It was day #174 of rain (slight exaggeration...but it has rained a lot here), so I figured a video might just be the answer to the stir-crazies that had seemed to settle in on my two children.

The dynamic duo scavenged the video cabinet and returned with this.

After sweeping away the dust off the DVD jacket, I warned them that such a movie would not hold their attention. I also warned them that there would be no movie trade-out once boredom sat in as they attempted to be entertained by sock puppets and classical music.

They insisted that such a movie was indeed the desire of their two little preschool hearts.

They were indeed bored about five minutes into the video and eventually wondered off and found something else to do with their time.

I have nothing against Baby Einstein and such movies were indeed our friends when the children were younger. Apparently a few parents thought such videos would enhance their child's intelligence and a bit of controversy has been brewing over such thinking. Disney has been prompted to offer full refunds to those parents who are dissatisfied with the Baby Einstein products. I wrote about such issues in detail yesterday.

Do you think they would offer me a refund simply because my kids are no longer entertained by a few moving toys and some Mozart?

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Ashley said...

Carley LOVED Baby Beethoven when she was little, but she is way past them as well. I can't believe they are offering refunds. I guess they are desperate for sales these days