Monday, October 19, 2009

'Tis the Season

In case you were unaware, I happen to live in the Christmas Capital of the World.

For real.

I am not sure who deemed my quaint little suburb the Christmas Capital of the World or if the city council decided to declare such title on their own, however said title is proclaimed loudly for the world (State? Metroplex?) to hear. Last week the Christmas preparations go underway as all the major hotels begin their holiday decorating.

The husband and I get a bit nauseous as we think about viewing holiday decorations while I am still knee-deep in scouring the Internet for Halloween costumes. Alas, the garland and the silver stars are out in full-force. I imagine the 24 hour Christmas music will begin on November 1st.

Although I hate the rushing of seasons and how everyone conveniently forgets that little holiday known as "Thanksgiving", I am discussing preparing for the holiday season over at today.

Sorry. I just could not help myself. Head on over and read some ways that you can prepare your own casa for the upcoming holiday season.

Then make sure you schedule a visit to the Christmas Capital of the know, once it is actually Christmas time.

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Robin said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I have grand plans to undertake some of your ideas before the Christmas Crunch!