Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'll eat you up, I love you so

This little boy... ...keeps me in stitches.

On occasion those stitches feel a bit more like they are coming from anger or frustration, but usually they are from laughter.

In the past 24 hours he has:
  • informed me of a conversation he had with the pastor at his preschool about "Dancing with the Stars" during which conversation said pastor indicated that he desired Jesus to be a contestant on this popular reality show. I do not know how this conversation began or if Isaac agreed that Jesus did need to be a contestant on such a show, but I have been laughing over this constantly since the topic came up in the car yesterday afternoon.
  • managed to fall into the mud about 72 seconds after we arrived at a Pumpkin Patch this morning
  • asked when our family was getting a baby (we aren't), saying that he would want the baby to be a boy and we would name him "Lyle." He then said we should go ahead and get a baby girl as well and could name her "Pyle."
  • used a accessory to his Halloween costume the wrong way and put a large gash between his two eyes (Didn't see said gash in the above is because of my mad photo editing skills)
  • managed to cut a hole in his pajamas while crafting a Halloween banner at 7am (What? Your kids aren't working on art projects before sunrise????)

Stitches, I tell you.



Shelley said...

LOVE IT!!! Jesus on "Dancing with the Stars!" That is a classic!

Specks said...

He is such a total cutie.

I am very excited about the upcoming pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe :).