Tuesday, October 06, 2009

She's cute, even when she is sick

The fabulous Miss E. is still sick.

Fortunately, she happens to be a perky little patient. This morning at 2am as I bathed her (why must children's tummies wait to get sick until the wee hours of the morning?), I kept having to remind her to use her quiet voice because the boys were sleeping.

She kept reminding me that she just needed to sing.

103 fever and all.


nanny said...

How can she be so pretty when she's sick? Not prejudiced or anything!! Nanny

Jami said...

When a girl has to sing, she just has to sing. We understand that completely at the Hamrick house even when a newborn has just gone to sleep when Twinkle Twinkle hits you just have to let it out!

Tari said...

Sorry to hear Miss E is still under the weather. I totally understand the singing--I have one that likes to start long conversations at 3am.
Hope she's better soon.

Jordan said...

Some stars just gotta shine!

I have pondered the sick at 2am question myself and never quite come up with an answer. Hope everyone gets better soon.

Robin said...

She is so adorable...hope she's back to 100% soon!