Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween and Four Year Old Boys

Halloween is merely days away and the excitement is building here at casa de phillips. I truly believe that four is the magical age because the boy is caught up in everything associated with holidays right now. He already has his fifth birthday planned (which will occur in August 2010), has a Christmas wish list likely longer than his body, and is planning when we will make our Thanksgiving turkey placemats. Last night he could barely sleep in anticipation of today's Halloween playdate set to occur at our house in a few hours and keeps reminding everyone of his changed school schedule this week due to the class Halloween party.

As the 31st draws near, I am putting the finishing touches on the familys' Halloween costumes. Last week I treked up to our local craft store, braving record rainfall, to inquire about how I can make some minor alterations to Isaac's costume. Apparently the woman at the sewing counter mistook me for someone who can do more than merely thread a needle and replace a button because she went on for five minutes about the "easy alterations" I needed to make. When I broke the news that I need an alteration option that involved tools such as a hot glue gun and some duct tape as opposed to an actual sewing machine and thread, she simply gave me a sad smile and wished me good luck.

For those of you still in search of the perfect Halloween costume, check out some ideas of mine here and here. In case you are wondering if you should purchase thigh-highs for your toddlers outfit, perhaps you should read my thoughts about such costumes.

And, for those of you feeling a bit edgy this Halloween, here is the perfect wig to complete your Halloween costume.

How is Halloween planning going at your house? Anyone still doing some last-minute fixes to costumes or waiting until Saturday to even shop for an outfit?

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