Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Play Date

A few weeks ago, Isaac asked if we could have a Halloween party.

Always one eager to throw a party, I agreed.

Then our family was sick for what seemed like the majority of October and planning for said party was pushed to the back-burner. Once it appeared that the phillips family would not need saving from the swine flu (thanks to Tami-flu...whose costly price may be the reason we pass out homemade presents this Christmas), the party was back on. Evites were sent, plans were made and our Halloween play date was written in on the calender.

Despite record-rainfall and last-minute planning, our little play date came together quite nicely yesterday.

The house was decorated (it was actually already decorated...we just added the banner)

Snacks were set out

I had another excuse to make my favorite pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Because this was a play date, I opted for the kids to wear costumes from their dress-up buckets as opposed to their actual Halloween costumes. I let others know this on the invite, in case they wanted to follow suite.
Isaac was a train conductor (apparently a hip train conductor, judging from the placement of his hat) and Miss E. was a ladybug.

E. let me style her hair up in four mini twists and four bows....because we all know ladybugs are nothing if not stylish.

Guests arrived. A craft was attempted, snacks consumed and then everyone simply ran around and played.

At the end of the play date, the children trick or treated. I had intended for this event to occur throughout our yard, but rain prevented that from occurring. Instead, I stationed the other moms around the house with "treats" for the kids to gather.
Miss E. was especially fond of the treats.

I *heart* a good play date and attempt to host them on occasion for the kids. Sometimes we get a bit fancy and have a "pizza making" play date and other times we just call a friend over to come hang-out. Yesterday, I wrote a little piece about how to host a play date without losing one's mind.
Do you host play dates at your house? Any good play date themes out there you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

Do you share the recipe for pumpkin cinnamon rolls? I'm a blog lurker from shelley? They look delightful........

Robin said...

So, so fun! You are the hostess with the mostest!


Kelly said...

Now, I'm even more bummed to have missed it! Darn those people from Lowe's with their 3-hour windows of delivery time!!!! Looks like lots of fun. Love the gangsta engineer!

Phillips Family said...

Recipe coming up later this week!