Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to deal with Halloween Candy 101 (LINK is fixed now!)

Yesterday, Miss E. arrived home with a plastic pumpkin full of treats. Not one to be terribly excited about sweets (french fries are another story), she quickly abandoned the pumpkin and went about her day.

A few hours later, I discovered Isaac rummaging through his sister's candy looking for a snack. He sited that Miss E. needed to share, thus the reason he was helping himself to her stash.

I failed to mention that E. had (unknowingly) already shared with her mother during naptime.

In the next few days, casa de phillips is going to be hit hard by the inevitable candy explosion. I figure we will pass out a few pieces to the children, eat a few ourselves, and then send the rest off to work with Tobe.

Today I wrote about other creative ways one can deal with the influx of Halloween candy.

By the way, one of the pieces of candy in E's pumpkin was Spongebob Fruit Snacks. We do not do Spongebob at our house for a variety of reasons and the children regarded this "contraband" package of fruit snacks the same way someone might have reacted should a carton of cigarettes had been placed in a child's Halloween pumpkin.


Allison said...

I found it hilarious what you said about the Spongebob fruit snacks. We are the same way here about SB. We went to a friends house a while back (who watches SB), and my kids went over the top freaking out that it was on...I think mine would have reacted the same way to the fruit snacks.

Jennifer H. said...

We are the same way with SB. I have actually been embarassed when my children have called out other parents for letting their children watch that "bad" show.
I couldn't open your link, so I don't know if this idea was mentioned.

As an "allergy mom," trick-or-treating is quite terrifying. We take a few treats Nolan can eat (dum dums) with us so he can snack on safe treats while trick-or-treating. Then, when we get home, he will put his pumpkin out and overnight the Great Pumpkin will come, who visits all allergy kids, and replace the candy with safe candy and treats. Some moms take all the candy and just replace it with a toy or DVD that maybe the child has been wanting.

Jennifer H. said...

Haha. Okay, so you did have the Great Pumpkin idea!!

Stephanie said...

Very good ideas! We are the same way about SB. The sad thing is that I am going to have to dump out all of the candy from last year that is still in their bags before they can go trunk or treating this year! I know that is bad but at least they forgot about it. Out of sight out of mind. Now if it was only that easy for me since I knew where it was hidden! :)

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Okay, that is funny!

Jordan said...

I love the idea of donating candy! Brilliant.

kate m. said...

We don't watch Sponge Bob here either, but for whatever reason, Jackson has decided he likes him (even though he isn't allowed to watch the cartoons). And I actually credit the Sponge Bob gogurt as the sole reason why Jackson is obsessed with yogurt. Maybe Sponge Bob isn't all bad even though his TV shows and movies are!