Friday, January 25, 2008

The Day After (UPDATED)

The red satin PJ pants stayed at home last night and all wardrobe and potential hair crises were adverted. Last night we celebrated the teaching career of my Grandmother as she was inducted into the local school district's Hall of Honor. The speech went well....I avoided excess use of the word "um" and managed not to fall off the stage. Tobe wanted to videotape my presentation, but I declined preserving it on film for eternity. However, the whole ceremony was recorded and will be played on the local access cable channel. Mom already has the TiVo set to record it and will sell you a copy for $10 each.

Fun times were had by all and we are in full-recovery mode this morning. Despite the fact that my parents have a house with plenty of room, we seemed to have all congregated in their small study recounting every last detail from our evening. What a blessing to celebrate the family matriarch while she is still living.
Tobe was quite excited to sing the Alma mater to my high school and hear me recount all stories from my teenage days spent at SHS.
These two stayed home with a babysitter. Their favorite game here at Nanny and PopPop's house is for big brother to push little sister around the house in the baby walker.

Alison is birthing sweet baby Madeline today. Say a prayer for a quick, painless, and safe delivery!
***Sweet Madeline is here! She made her way into the world at 3:18pm. I am sure Alison will post details later on her blog. Alison had a loooooooooooong day so say a prayer for quick recovery.


Sydni said...

I'm sure your speech went fabulously! Everyone sure looked good - I can say that much for sure.

Also looks like the kids had a great time with the walker. So sweet!

As much as I'd really like to hear your speech, I guess I won't be forking over $10 for my own personal copy. ;)

Kelly said...

What a memorable, special experience for your entire family!

Shelley said...

I am so glad that all went well! You looked beautiful. Glad you finally found an outfit :) That is so special... what a great example to us young mommies :)

Kelli said...

You and your Mom and grandmother look like three peas in a pod. I think that is the coolest thing.

Congrats to her and say Congrats to Alison as well.

Amy said...

I'm sure a few of the stories had Tobe cracking up:) Glad the ceremony went well!

Erika said...

Hail to SHS Hail, Hail to the red and the black...
Oh, memories.
I'm glad that your speech went well and you left the jammies at the house. Love the pic with your mom and grandmother!

JenniferReinsch said...

Your outfit is darling.