Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Tidbits

Want to know the best way to bring library story time to a screeching halt?

Allow your child to open a large bag of mini Oreo cookies and begin happily munching away while seated on the group carpet.

Cries of mutiny will drown out any production of a creative puppet show or the reading of an intriguing book going on at the front of the room.

Other parents annoy me sometimes because their lack of adequate parenting skills in public settings creates complete chaos for the rest of us Mommies attempting to keep our toddlers semi-composed. For example, this particular parent whipping out the Oreos must have never been taught the rule of "bring enough to share with the whole class or don't bring any at all" as she allowed her daughter to greedily stuff Oreo after Oreo into her little mouth. One sniff of that chocolate and cream-filled goodness caused the other children at story time to fall into puddles of whining messes, begging their own mothers for a snack. The poor librarian simply attempted to continue reading despite the fact that her audience was now much more focused on snatching Oreos rather than listening to stories about a tiny fireman.

Yesterday I read a tale about a child covering himself in something secretly swiped from the master bathroom. Smiling at their amusing story, I smartly thought, "Not at casa de phillips."

Fast forward to 3:30pm today when I walked into Isaac's room to retrieve him after his nap. Baby lotion was everywhere. His cheeks were covered in pink, his hair spiked high, his pants and shirt resembled a poorly done finger painting. I put on my sternest Mommy voice and immediately condemned this lotion-spreading behavior.

Did this cause any pause for tears or sorrowful The tears did not start flowing until he looked down and realized that his precious green blankie was covered in the pink goo as well. (And continued to flow as his slimy little bottom was placed on his time-out carpet)

I received word today that an article I submitted for publication is going to be run in a local magazine. Hooray! This is especially good news considering we are now in need of replacing an economy size bottle of baby lotion. I'll pass along details when I know them.
Happy almost-weekend!


Paige said...

You must let us know!

JanMary said...
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JanMary said...

I have had a similar experience. I made a digi-scrap page to record the traumatic event! It is on my blog, in the post of 27 September 07.

Jennifer H. said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to hear about it. Your writing is so entertaining.

Yes, Kaylee has covered many things in lotion, makeup, hairspray. (Hide ALL makeup when Evelyn gets to walking!)

She once covered her doll in lotion. She put lotion all over the doll's hair. It was a greasy mess and I still have not brought that doll back to it's original state. She has also done this to Barbies. She got an American Girl for Christmas and I have done some serious threatening to ensure that little Nikki does not have to be sent away to the American Girl hospital.

Shelley said...

Congrats!! Way to go!! You are so talented... thanks for always having a great, funny "mommy" story for me!

Kelly said...

Congrats on the article! The lotion story is pretty funny.

Amy said...

Camille fingerpainted our living room wall with eucerin lotion not long after Nathan was born. Her stealthy actions took place while both hubby and I were distracted by a blowout diaper that required considerable cleanup. She was about the same age as dear Isaac :)

Congrats on getting published!

Sydni said...

That Oreo story just kills me. Seriously... arghhh. I guess situations like that provide learning opportunities.?!

Please do keep us posted on your article! It doesn't surprise me at all that your article was chosen. You really have a gift for writing!