Monday, January 28, 2008

That Boy...He Has a Way with the Ladies

"4.....That is the number of times Isaac has sat on his time-out carpet this morning before 12pm."

The above was an email I sent to my husband yesterday. I am sure he would love to receive sweet sentiments from me or amusing anecdotes to laugh about amidst his workday, but yesterday it was all about the brief summary of how many times Isaac had the privilege of visiting his time-out carpet.

Seems the lack of audience had inspired him to go to great lengths to get attention.

Great lengths that entailed hiding when it was time to get dressed, attempting to remove Evelyn's hoodie while it was still firmly attached to her body, tossing green peas whimsically through the air during lunch, and excessive use of the word "No" when instructed to do something. This defiance was done with a great big ol grin and dancing blue eyes....mischievous was an understatement for Isaac yesterday.

Although by 5:45pm I was ready for him to retire to his room for the evening as he dangerously leaned far over in his booster seat in an attempt to prove that he would rather fall-out on the floor than eat his (homemade) chicken pot pie, he still managed to warm my heart.

For instance, he needed to exit the bathtub several times to sit on the potty. Although he sat patiently and gave it an honest try, he would return to the tub when nothing was produced. I inquired during one of these tries if he had been successful, to which he casually said, "No. It's just gas."

Bedtime arrived and we made it there in one piece. Every evening I give Isaac "two good nights" meaning that I tell him "goodnight" once while I am feeding Evelyn her nighttime bottle and then come into his room again about 10 minutes later, turn off his light (he enjoys reading by himself before going to sleep....he is truly our child) and kiss him goodnight.

Last night as I entered his room for that precious second goodnight, he looked up from his Little Critter book and said quite sweetly, "I like your coat, Mommy." (I was wearing a jean jacket over my shirt).

That boy...he has a way with the ladies. He has already figured out you can be a mess all day and immediately erase any wrongdoings with a simple compliment. This Mommy is in big trouble.


Here is a little video of E. crawling and Isaac talking. Enjoy.


Sydni said...

Man, oh, man! Evelyn is totally CUTE, and Isaac is incridibly smart! I guess no one is surprised about that though.

Glad you all made it back safely.

JenniferReinsch said...

That is darling. I just showed everyone in the office.

JanMary said...

Cute crawling daughter, and very smart son - he has a better knowledge of US geography than I do! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

OMG, Lynley...have you heard?!?!

See if your dad is available...

Kelly said...

Love the crawling video. That Issac and his geography! He may be able to completely place out of those classes in elementary school. :)

Ashley said...

Love it! sO FUNNY. Your kiddos are so cute!