Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little Miss Sensitive

Despite the large blue eyes and unassuming smile, it is starting to become quite evident that little Miss Evelyn can wear her little heart right on the very tip of her onesie sleeve. And that little heart can become quite upset over the slightest of things.

For instance, every Wednesday morning we load up into the phillips' family station wagon and set off for preschool. Usually our "Farm Songs" cd is playing (which has an unfortunate version of "Little Boy Blue" as track 5 that is downright depressing and which Isaac is convinced is Tobe singing), the sun is shining, and children are happy in the backseat. Such pleasant images are quickly dispelled the instant Isaac jumps out of the car and races inside the building with his teacher.

Evelyn quickly notices that her brother has left. Then just as quickly she decides she is no longer happy. The tears and loud crying immediately begin and continue until we arrive home ten minutes later.

Fun times, those Wednesday mornings.

This morning, Isaac jumped out of the car, happy to be at school on "Wear White" day. Evelyn looked over, saw the empty car seat next to her, and immediately began crying loudly at the injustice of her brother leaving her side. Determined that this was not going to be a weekly occurance until the end of May when Isaac goes on summer break, I set out to restore the happiness that had been our car environment ten minutes prior to this episode. I made funny noises, I clapped my hands, I sang funny songs.

The crying intensified.

I turned the interior lights on and off. I honked the horn (that might have partly been due to the fact there was an incredible amount of traffic on the highways this morning). I attempted to dance in my seat.

Still only the sounds of wailing came from the backseat.

It was then that I flipped on the radio. I happened upon a station known for playing the "best of the 80's, 90's, and today" and cranked it up in hopes that Don Henley could sing "Hotel California" louder than Evelyn could cry. The next song was one from my youth and I was immediately transported back to my childhood bedroom as Wilson Phillips began singing, "Hold On."

As I was contemplating Carnie Wilson and her weight battle (Is she skinny or plump these days?), I suddenly realized there was silence coming from my backseat. I looked in the mirror to see sweet little Evelyn smiling peacefully, enjoying herself some Wilson Phillips, legs kicking in time to the music.

My heart swelled as I thought about all the great songs of my youth I could share with her. Images of Mother/Daughter bonding occuring while we sang our hearts out (and perhaps created a car dance or two) as we drove down the road filled my mind.

Next Wednesday I will be prepared for when Isaac exits the car at preschool...however I am having a hard time deciding between Air Supply's Greatest Hits or Phil Collins' But Seriously album. Good thing I have a few days to think about it.

(**Blogger spell check is currently not working. My mother is the first person who will tell you I really need spell check, so please excuse any and all misspellings.)


Erika said...

I LOVE the hits from the 80s, 90s, and today! Wilson Phillips?! A girl after my own heart.
I must say you are doing a much better job than I because I must be rasing a thug. Silas loves hip hop and pop. I know this because I'll look back at him in his little car seat when this music is on and he will "raise the roof" with his little hand!

Shelley said...

That is hilarious!! My kids also love the music from "our day." The 90's are the BEST!!

Amy said...

Ha! What about a litle Peter Cetera? My kid actually likes our musical tastes, too, (adult alternative?) but will REALLY dance to some Carrie Underwood. Go figure!

JenniferReinsch said...

were you guys listening to 102.9???