Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stolen Moments

Neither of my children are big cuddlers.

This should come as to no surprise considering who their parents happen to be, however as the Mommy I believe that the cuddles of my babies is my God-given right.

Isaac was never one to be held and while Evelyn enjoyed snuggling at first, she has quickly become too busy to sit in someone's arms for an extended amount of time.

Yet, I am blessed with times during the day...albeit short....where each of them wants to spend a little quality time with me. Perhaps they have a internal instinct of knowing they must pay the piper in order to continue receiving the basics of food, water, and love. Perhaps they kind of dig me. Whatever the reason, they cuddle and I do not question their intentions.

With Evelyn, she likes to coo and pat my face after finishing her bedtime bottle. She chats endlessly, while often times poking my face or stroking my hair. This girl is going to miss the hair when it is gone. We often prolong her bedtime to have these quiet minutes alone, listening to her baby babble and admiring her dainty features.

Isaac will always be held for a book reading of any kind (or any length...I am contemplating beginning chapter books with him). As soon as the last page is read and the back cover closed, he is off again. Yet occasionally during the day he will run up with a spontaneous hug or ask to be held. It is those times that I study his long eyelashes and the curve of his nose, attempting to remember every detail of this little boy who all too quickly become a man before my eyes.

My cuddles are often stolen and short, yet priceless. I imagine when I am 80 years old, lacing up my SAS shoes in preparation for a big shopping trip to the 99 cent store with this girl, I will still be able to close my eyes and feel the weight of my children in my arms, sense their gentle touch on my skin, hear the shallowness of their breathing, and smell the lingering traces of baby shampoo. It is then I will be oh so grateful for stolen moments.

(Blogger must have emerged from its post-holiday funk because I can post pictures once again)

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Kelly said...

Very sweet post. The SAS shoe line cracked me up. I totally remember my really-needs-to-retire-Geometry teacher wearing those. They do come in several colors, so at least you can accessorize! :)