Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome to Blahville

The post-Christmas melancholy has set in.

Perhaps it is because today at lunch Isaac looked up at me with quite the serious tone and asked, "When is it gonna be Christmas day?". Poor boy has celebrated Christmas so many times he has not a clue to the fact that the 25th has come and gone.

Perhaps it is because my fingers might never regain their feeling from unwinding various lengths of plastic twine from toys. I contribute a good portion of our landfill problem to the world's toymakers and their excessive use of packing materials.

Perhaps it is because Tobe and I saw "I am Legend" over the weekend, which prompted us to have that lovely discussion of what our family should do in case of national chaos and crisis.

Perhaps it is because all the festive PJs, shirts, dresses, and hair bows are tucked away in plastic containers, not to be worn again until next holiday season ( Most likely never to be worn again due to the ever-growing state of our children).

Perhaps it is because although the holiday clothing is put away, none of my Christmas decorations are housed in the attic yet. Due to our extended Christmas celebrations, I left up the decor. Yesterday I could not muster the energy to begin the daunting task of taking everything down and packing it away. Every time I walk past my Christmas tree today I can feel it quietly mocking me for such laziness. I just stick my tongue out at it and run in the other direction.

Indeed the post-Christmas melancholy has arrived, unannounced and uninvited.

I love everything about the months of September through December....the anticipation (and continued anticipation if one lives where casa de phillips currently resides) of cold weather, the various ways to decorate one's home for the season, the speciality drinks at Starbucks. Then January is at my doorstep, with no fun home decor or specialty hot beverage to sound its arrival. Welcome, blahs.

Never fear, I will come out of this blahness in a few days. I am sure the feeling will once again return to my fingers (just in time for Evelyn's first birthday) and the world likely won't end in the next six months. Isaac will hopefully figure out that indeed we did celebrate Christmas, amid the various gift exchanges and traveling. I will learn to settle for a regular skinny mocha from Starbucks in exchange for the Peppermint White Chocolate one with extra whipped cream I have been consuming this past month. My Christmas tree will again find his space among the outgrown baby clothes and old college textbooks in our attic.

Life will return to normal.

...Until next September when the buzz starts all over again.

Apparently Blogger has the blahs as well...or perhaps it is our computer which seems to have caught a virus we cannot rid ourselves of....because this is the only picture I am able to post.


Sydni said...

Perhaps I shouldn't cofess this, but that post left me with a little chuckle instead of feelings of sadness and dejection. This can only be due to your explemplary writting skills!

Many Blessings in 2008!!!

JenniferReinsch said...

Evelyn needs an Arkansas outfit.

Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

HA! You and I have the same Arkansas shirt, Lynley! (I got my husband to wear one too!)

Anonymous said...

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