Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Deer Me!

Last night I had to make an emergency run to the Banana Republic.

I happen to be speaking next week at the banquet honoring my Grandmother and it seems I am in complete wardrobe crisis here at casa de phillips. Thus the emergency trip to the BR.

As I was driving down the road, singing along loudly with the radio because I was blissfully alone in the car and therefore not forced to listen to one of our many Little People CD's, a sudden blur went across my windshield. I happened to glance to my right and caught the image of a huge deer (a Buck with enormous antlers) leaping across the headlights of the truck right next to me. The truck swerved into my lane to avoid the deer and I went as far left as I could before being forced to drive in the median that happens to be filled with small trees.

Fortunately neither of us hit the deer nor each other. This was most likely a major accident narrowly avoided, considering the size of the deer and the speed at which we were driving (about 45mph). It is always a surreal moment when you bond with a complete stranger after experiencing something random together. Although we both rapidly moved our cars to avoid Bambi's father, neither of us slowed down due to the volume of traffic behind us. After composure was regained and both cars were in their rightful lanes, the driver of the truck pulled up next to me (while still going about 45mph), making motions asking if I was okay and then we both raised our hands as if to ask, "What in the world???" Crazy.

Fortunately I made it safe and sound to Banana Republic. Although I did not find anything suitable for my presentation, I did do a little dance of joy when I noticed the clearance racks were marked an additional 60% of the lowest ticketed price. I scored jeans for $14, a sweater for $10, and get this....a shirt for $1.11. Yes, a shirt for less than a price of a Route 44 from Sonic.

Hopefully Mr. Deer made is safe and sound to wherever he was travelling last night. After the near-miss I wanted to roll down my window and yell at him to turn around. Seems he doesn't know the layout of our little town here and was heading straight in the direction of the Bass Pro Shops.

I cannot imagine the kind-of frenzy an 8 point Buck would cause in the parking lot of Bass Pro.

I just received word last night that another article is set to be published. In the words of Isaac, "Hood-ray!!" This one will be featured in the April edition of the bimonthly magazine that runs in my hometown. It will eventually be available on online, at which time I will provide a link.
Tomorrow we are once again boarding an airplane. Although I know many of you enjoy a good Phillips' family travel story, I am hoping for an uneventful trek. I'll let you know how it goes.
Happy Weekend!


Wade said...

Whoa! An 8-point buck in Grapevine?!?

That's like hitting Big Foot and then finding out he was the last one! Glad you're OK, though.

It cracks me up that you didn't find what you set out for but bought something for yourself anyway! Sounds like something I'd do . . . only in a bicycle shop!

Be safe on your trip!

Sydni said...

Another ariticle! Way to go!

I'm so glad you did not get hit by the deer. Believe me, it is extremely madening when the collision does occur (even if everyone in the vehicle is unharmed).

Have a great trip. Finding great sales... mmm... one of the joys in life.

Shelley said...

Congrats on the article!!

Glad you made it home from shopping safe and sound. That shopping can be dangerous stuff sometimes. But us ladies do what we have to do!