Monday, January 07, 2008

The Dynamic Duo

"Here-da-go, Baby Ev-lyn."

I hear this phrase no less than 32 times a day.

On September 12, 2006 when I took that tell-tale home pregnancy test that confirmed the true reason I was craving nachos, a part of me felt ecstatic and a tiny part of me felt sad for Isaac. He was only 13 months old at the time and I felt guilty for introducing a sibling into his life before he had been given the chance to experience the world around him for at least two years alone.

That guilt subsided long ago when I quickly realized the whole "adding-a-new-baby-into-the-mix-here-at-casa-de-phillips" was going to be okay. I do not even think Isaac remembers a time before Baby Evelyn. (Although yesterday he did "brighten" my morning by pointing out my tummy and then asking if Baby Evelyn could return there. I do have some schooling left to do with that boy on how to talk to a girl. At least I was inspired this morning at the gym to add on some extra crunches to my routine.)

Often times I find Evelyn surrounded by a mountain of toys, brought to her by her ever-doting brother (thus the phrase, "Here da go, baby Ev-lyn."). During these times, I can usually only see her sweet face and arms excitedly waving in the air, encouraging her brother to bring MORE! Isaac loves to be the first one to race into Evelyn's room in the morning, climbing up onto the crib to peek over the rails. He loves to kiss Evelyn's hand and cheek goodnight each evening before they retire to their separate rooms. Isaac will brush Evelyn's hair in the bathtub and retrieve her sippy cup whenever she tosses it down.

In exchange, Evelyn squeals with delight at the mere sight of Isaac and lunges towards any toy he last touched. She attempts to grab handfuls of his blonde hair whenever he gets too close and falls over in laughter at the slightest attempts of humor her brother makes.

That September day I never imagined what a joy it would be to watch my children love each other. I know there will (quickly) come a time when lines are drawn and battles are staged. I just pray in the end they still call each other as adults and complain about all the idiotic things Tobe and I did as parents. Then I will know they are true friends.


Sydni said...
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Sydni said...

I'm trying again with making a comment... I deleted my first try. I want to say that I think your children are extremely blessed! I think they are blessed because they have each other, parents who love the Lord, parents who love each other and parents who love them so very deeply.

Shelley said...

I think we all pray that our kids will become each others best friends. I also know the "guilt" feeling of having kids too close together. I got pregnant with Lainey when Abbey was 14 months old, and then got pregnant with Miss Em when Lainey was only five months old and Abbey was just over two! I think I cried for days!!! Anyway, I think having kids close is a real blessing. They get to grow up together, experiencing life at virtually the same stages. Thanks for a great post! Adorable kids...