Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Last of My Remaining Brain Cells

My intentions were to sit down tonight and type out a thoughtful post about a book I recently read.

Such intentions died somewhere between the completion of nap time this afternoon (Isaac never fell asleep today so this occurred quite early) and bathtime this evening.

There were no tantrums or grumpy children to contend with this evening. No one was falling out crying on the floor. Everyone was happy and perky. It was just the normal day-to-day task of entertaining, feeding, bathing, disciplining, cleaning and loving my family that somehow fried my brain tonight.

I thought if I had to say such sentences as

"Please do not eat the lotion"

"Do not cram the toy into your sister's mouth."

"Do not work your puzzle directly under my feet while I cook."

"Keep the water in the bathtub."

"Do not drag the fire truck tent around the house."

"Throw the leaf away rather than crumbling it into the carpet"

one more time tonight my head might literally start spinning in circles.....and even then I would have to say such things as "Don't pull all the cookie cutters out and give them to Baby Evelyn." because I doubt head-spinning would have made an impact on my selective-hearing toddler.

(Despite his selective hearing, my heart almost broke when I peeked in on him just a minute ago, all cuddled under his quilt wanting to look at one more book before I turned out the light.)

Alas, there are no thoughts on my latest read to share this evening. I doubt I could even comprehend the newest issue of Parents magazine at this point, much less write about it.

Instead I leave you with pictures I have lovingly titled, "Future Blackmail During the Angry Adolescent Years"

**This was a game invented solely by them of "Let's both put the same washcloth in our mouth and giggle uncontrollably while half the bathwater spills onto Mommy's jeans."


Erika said...

Those pictures melt my heart! Your children are adorable!

BTW, Please keep water in the tub is heard nightly at our house as well. :)

Erika said...
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Shelley said...

How cute are they!?! Love the pictures in black and white. I think all mommies say many of those sayings dailey... but oh how fun to be a mommy :)

Elizabeth said...

Great list of crazy things we say to our kids! Today I said "Stop putting your toothbrush in your hair" and thought to myself, I really am dealing with crazy people here. : ) I am so impressed with your pictures and with your ability to put them somewhere besides the hard drive of the computer. The bathtime shots remind me so much of mine at those ages. I still look at both of them in the bathtub and think, "oh my goodness, I can't believe I get to be their mommy." Great blog! Thanks for sharing your mommy wisdom and fun stories!

Amy said...

The kiddos are precious! We have similar bathtime fun and I, too, rarely leave the experience without needing a wardrobe change:)