Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Policeman and His Suspect

Did I mention that I have an 8 month old who woke up Sunday morning and decided to go right into full-crawling mode, casually giving up the army-crawl style of transportation she had been doing?

Apparently something clicked in her little brain overnight because Sunday morning she was crawling everywhere and keeps getting better each day. Gone are the quiet moments of Evelyn playing on her sweet little quilt. The girl is on the move. Do not dare leave her alone while you step away....because she quickly comes to find you.

Did I mention that I have a 2 year old that now feels the need to police everything his crawling 8 month old sister is doing?

This afternoon as I was hurriedly attempting to change clothes in peace (we were about to go for one last walk before the freezing temperatures settle into our area overnight), Isaac came running into my running shouting, "Baby Evelyn has the letter "P" magnet! Baby Evelyn has the letter "P" magnet!"

We have been working with Isaac on the basics of baby safety and what things Evelyn could choke on, however the Letter "P" magnet is about the same diameter as a coke can, so choking hazard it likely is not. I went and retrieved the apparently sacred "P" magnet, placing it high on the refrigerator door, then went back to finish dressing.

Five seconds later a frantic two year old voice screeches, "Baby Evelyn has my Santa! Baby Evelyn has my Santa!!" Apparently Baby Evelyn had snatched a drawing of Santa Claus done by Isaac that still resides on our refrigerator door. Santa was placed safely back on the fridge, next to the Gingerbread Man creation whose buttons and ribbons have all been torn off except for one sad eye (torn off by the artist, Isaac), and again I resumed getting dressed.

"Baby Evelyn has my snack! Baby Evelyn has my snack!" immediately filled the air before I could even make it down the hall back to my bedroom. Turns out, Baby Evelyn was only taking things given to her. Policeman Isaac was handing her contraband items and then immediately protesting when she took them.

I hope this is a short phase.


Sydni said...

Oh, my goodness! I just have to LAUGH! Clint and I are still laughing (by the way) over your last post. Life with kids, eh?

JenniferReinsch said...

Now that sounds like a big brother.

Amy's Gang said...

Oh, how your blog makes me miss the baby stage. Just looking at pictures of that baby girl brings back the memories of my babies with not much hair and only a few teeth!! So sweet! Right now my toddlers just happen to be fighting over which one has drawn the "prettier" picture!! I'm sure these days are comming for you, too! How far apart are yours?

Jennifer said...

Hate to tell you but that will be a long phase! Fun times ahead!

Shelley said...

Love the story!! Baby E is so CUTE!!