Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We are just movin' and groovin' here in Arkansas. I think about ten minutes after we stepped off the plane, Isaac's nose began running. Twenty-four hours later, Evelyn's nose began running. Forty-eight hours later, my nose began running. We are such fun company to have in one's home with our runny noses, intermittent crying spells, and coughs.

E. seems to be the one who feels the worse. Her appetite is down and her sleeping has been less than stellar. She and I have had many moments to bond between the hours of 1 and 4 am. Fortunately my parents own several stability balls, so I have been able to bounce away on them with her in my arms (she prefers this over rocking). Although I am tired, my thighs are getting quite the work-out as we battle this cold.

I am set to speak at my grandmother's award ceremony tomorrow evening. I am still in a wardrobe crisis and have not decided upon what to wear. Right now my red satin PJ pants seem like a good option. I currently have a sore throat, cough, and a strange rash which are quite the lovely combination for the evening's speaker. The presentation should be interesting if my aliments keep up.

Monday, the children and I ventured out to eat lunch with a dear friend and her daughter (back when I thought the runny nose was mere "a-der-gees" as Isaac calls it....sorry, LP!). I had been explaining to Isaac who we were to be dining with since he hasn't seen this little friend since he was a baby. As I combed his hair that morning before we left, Isaac turned to me and quite confidently said, "My hair looks nice for Lauren." And so it begins.

We are off this morning to visit more family and wipe more runny noses. I am sure many are glad to see us on their doorsteps, Kleenex and cough medicine in hand.

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