Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Firehouse Fun

Each week, I attempt for us to have at least one full day at home. This means a day free of errands, park trips, Sonic drive throughs, library story times, school, or Mommy and Me class. Although I think I would prefer a little interaction with the world outside of the walls of casa de phillips most days, I believe it is important for Isaac and Evelyn to spend time just being home.

Today was our "Just Being Home" day. Translated this means I was the only one not wearing PJs at 10:30am, Isaac pulled every toy imaginable out of both kid's closets, Evelyn was delighted to crawl in her brother's chaos, and nap time could not come too soon.

Rather than just opening every Christmas present received and going into a toy coma, I always put several aside to open over the next few months (We have actually unwrapped them, but have not removed them from the box.). Today we pulled out the fire engine tent Tobe's grandparents gave Isaac.

Because all I had to do was pull it from its carrying case and give it a big shake to unfold (rather than undertaking "some assembly"....however we still have not figured out how to magically fold it back into the carrying case), this tent was a big hit with me. Because it is huge, new, and a firetruck, this tent was a big hit with Isaac. Because she got to be right in the middle of the action, this tent was a big hit with Evelyn as well.

"Fider-fighter" was the game of the day. Apparently many homes were saved and lives prevented from being destroyed because the three of us extinguished more fires than I can count.
Fire Chief

Assistant Fire Chief

Being Crowned Assistant Fire Chief

Time to make lunch for the fire station

Even Important Fire Chiefs pause for a spot of tea

"Helping" his sister eat a cupcake

On the move to find more fires


Amy's Gang said...

Hi! I found your blog through Shelley and thought I'd stop and say "Hi"! I love your blog and your babies are just precious. It's always fun to here the day to day stories of another SAHM!!

Amy's Gang said...

I HATE typo's!! I spelled hear, HERE!! Sorry! Spell check is my best friend!!

Jennifer H. said...

Great pics! I love watching how the kiddos interact. Kaylee is a little older than Isaac, so we have more obstacles. She thinks she can carry her baby brother everywhere. Yikes! She has already dropped him a couple of times. Thank goodness it is a shorter distance to the floor from her arms! He will be one tough kid! I keep telling her that one day he will be bigger than her and she better watch out!

Shelley said...

So cute, as always! I love the idea of stashing some of the new toys for a later date. Great Idea!!

JanMary said...

Oh - days at home are wonderful, and they get even more precious when the kids are older and you spend your time doing a mum's taxi service. I love the holidays for the chance of more "At-home" days.

Love that fire tent, and wonderful photos too.

Sydni said...

How horrible... you write this eloquent post about 'Mommy and Me' time and all I can think is, "Oh, what I wouldn't give for even one Sonic to come to MT!"