Monday, March 10, 2008

The Boy...He is all Ours!

There is very little speculation as to whether or not Isaac was switched at birth by some freak hospital staff negligence. The fact that he is the spitting image of his Daddy...right down to the crooked pinkies...verifies this point.

Today, something slipped from his little two year old mouth that indeed told us he is 100% ours.

Isaac is currently enrolled in a sports class that meets each week. The idea behind the class is to introduce students to a new sport each week. The class is designed for toddlers so obviously not a lot of actual "game play" occurs. The teacher (affectionately called "Coach") is just happy if everyone stays in the circle for five minutes. Before today, Isaac has learned football and shuffleboard (seriously....perhaps in preparation for retirement?).

Today was an Easter themed class (because nothing says "Resurrection of Christ" quite like sports class) where several games were played with plastic eggs. Coach passed out the speckled plastic eggs and then asked what color each student had.

Isaac eagerly replied, "My egg has cinnamon (cim-a-mon) on it!"

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