Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's in the Bag!

Because I have two mobile children living under the roof of casa de phillips, I often find random objects in the most unusual of locations. It is not uncommon to find my facial moisturizer in the living room (a favorite of E.'s), a lost measuring spoon laying alone on the laundry room floor, and 12 sippy cups placed strategically around the house on any given day. Such misplaced items fail to surprise me anymore. Rather than ponder how my travel alarm clock wound up in the plant in the kitchen, I simply take the item (or send the two year old off with the item) back to its designated location.

Apparently the sales girl at our local Old Navy is not quite as familiar with this misplaced object phenomenon as I am. E. and I were spending some quality girl time this morning shopping for pants while big brother was busy being educated at the local preschool. As I stepped up to the counter at Old Navy to make my purchase, I began digging deep into the depths of my diaper bag for the trusty wallet.

It was then that I noticed what I apparently had been lugging around this morning, along with diapers and Cheerios....

A bright orange can of Pledge.

I was unable to keep said can of dusting spray concealed from the sales associate, who managed to merely raise an eyebrow at the questionable contents of my bag.

I laughed anxiously and said something about "those silly kids", grabbed my bag, and made a quick getaway. While racing out to the car, I was wondering when and how one of my precious children had managed to A. get the Pledge out of the very high place where it is stored and B. Put it in the diaper bag, which is also kept out of their reach.

It was then that I had a memory of my own self grabbing up those last-minute items off the washing machine (keys, sippy cup, sunglasses, cell phone) while heading out the door with Evelyn twenty minutes earlier. I vaguely remember the Pledge can sitting with those other items (I do some serious kid-free cleaning on Wednesday mornings while E naps and Isaac is at school). Apparently my subconscious thought that Pledge was the final thing I needed to round out the contents of my diaper bag.

This little boy was so terribly excited about hunting eggs at his school's Easter party today, he decided to wake-up at 5:30am.

Apparently the excitement (AKA sugar high) is lingering, because he is still awake an hour after his bedtime.


Shelly said...

This is hysterical! I love it! I love reading your blog--I wanted to tell you that at the shower a couple of weeks ago but didn't get the chance since I was closed off in the back room feeding the baby. : ) Mommy brain is annoying but adds some comic relief to so many days. Happy dusting! : )

Jennifer said...

too funny!The thing we will do when we are in a hurry!

kate m. said...

The can of Pledge is hilarious! I wish I could have witnessed you pulling Pledge out of your diaper bag at Old Navy and watched the cashier's face. I definitely would have blamed Jackson for its appearance.

I love the pictures of Isaac on this blog and Evelyn on your last blog. Both are so cute!

Amy said...

That is great! Makes me laugh again just thinking of it. I got a similar face the other night at a dinner when I reached for a pen and without even thinking sat a pudding cup on the table as I dug through my purse!! Hey, a momma's gotta be prepared! For a snack or an uncontrolled urge to polish up some furniture!!

I so enjoyed this post!

Kelli said...

The other day I noticed my purse was extremely heavy and was trying to dig through and figure out why. I found about 10 rocks. Apparently my kids found some treasures and stored them in my bag unbeknownst to me.