Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Easter Bunny Returns

I realized that I never posted the picture of Evelyn from our local paper. Excuse the grainy texture of the photo...that is the way it came out after I "borrowed" it from the paper's website. Also, E's hair looks red in this picture...unfortunately, it is not that way in real life. We are hoping for an auburn hue to start growing any day now.

If you would like your very own edition of this newspaper that has a riveting piece on the history of dying Easter eggs (and Evelyn's picture), I have no fewer than ten copies in my trunk. Perhaps you could laminate copies of it and E and the Easter Bunny could serve as the place mats on your table. I think she would be a lovely edition to your table scape.

By the way, still feel free to comment on the "Mommy Survival Kit" post below. After today, I would add, "Having enough sense to know that if you leave an open, full container of baby food within your 10 month old's reach while dining will inevitably be carrying around a baby with Apple-Banana-Strawberry covered jeans for the remainder of the evening"

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