Thursday, March 06, 2008


This time yesterday I was wearing short sleeves and pushing my children in their stroller on a nice Spring walk.

Today we already have a good inch + of snow on the ground and it isn't letting up anytime soon. Tobe is home early from work and Isaac and I are about to venture outside to build a snowman.

As we left playtime today, sleet was coming down in buckets from the sky. One mom innocently asked, "Is that hail?".

Welcome to Texas.


Amy said...

Here's my sign. I posted the other comment before reading this post.

Lisa said...

Hi there- I am confessing my lurking to your blog! My name is Lisa Phillips (formerly Young) I have some friends in common with you, Ashley Nelson, Kelli- well through Bethany originally. Bethany and I were good friends at ACU and in the same dept. I am older, 34. We had the blessing of working together for three years at the same firm in Dallas. Anyways, your family reminds me a lot of mine. I have a four year old little boy named Ty and a two year old girl named Olivia. Your family is precious and although I know you are aware of this I just had to tell you! Your daughter's name is beautiful and fitting! Your blog is insightful and I love your humor as well. I hear you on the weather, I live in West Texas now and we have experienced the same weirdness! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
My blog is set to private but if you would like to stop by I can add your e-mail. Mine is