Friday, March 14, 2008

Hair Woes

I get many random visitors to this blog in search of help or comfort in regards to their baby's hair. Many Google searches such as "infant hair falling out in patches," "widow's peak on my baby", or "Help my baby's hair is ugly!"(seriously, a true search phrase!) lead people to savethephillipsfamily lots of days.

For those of you who may have stumbled across this little blog in search of help with your precious bundle of joy's hair....well, good luck. I doubt you are going to find the answers you need here. (But feel free to stay!)

Although Evelyn is a sweet little thing and one of the prettiest babies in history (Obviously, I am not biased), she has hair issues. I am her mother so it is within my right to say such things. Bless her sweet heart.

Her is a picture of her hair woes

She has a widow's peak, but the top part of her hair has been growing faster than that at the "peak", thus creating this sad hairstyle. Although a bow perks it up a bit, it still was not masking the stringy hair woes of Miss Evelyn.

Yesterday morning after a family breakfast of pancakes, I became inspired to trim her hair. Mind you I am not one to cut my hair, my husband's hair, nor my children's hair. I believe such things needs to be left to the trained hands of professionals considering I have a difficult time cutting a piece of paper in half. Channeling my inner hairstylist, I made a few snips with the sewing scissors.

Here is the finished look:

Not bad....and should last us until time to take her for her first salon visit.


Today I could not find Evelyn as we were heading out the door for MOPS. I checked the dishwasher (where I had found her earlier, sitting on the open door! This whole "climbing" business is new to me! Fortunately I was right in the kitchen with her before she decided to take a tumble off the edge.)...not there. I checked her room and this is what I found:

Nothing says "Welcome Spring!" like a sweet little girl playing with her animals in her yellow sundress.

Happy Friday!


Jennifer said...

no worries, I have people land on my blog when they Google "random gray hairs" all the time. Nice.

The trim looks good. You should be proud.

Love the yellow dress and love this weather!!

Ashley said...

Sweet yellow dress. I love Spring. As for hair woes, my child, too, has had her share. Thank goodness for cameras so we can embarrass them later.

Sydni said...

Good job w/ the scissors. You're so brave. Love the picture in the yellow dress.... along with all of the other pictures.