Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Lowdown

Since the end of March is rapidly approaching, I figured I better hurry and share the details of our Easter before I look up and the Fourth of July is upon us.

We began the day with a family-friendly Easter church service by the lake. Although quite enjoyable, Isaac was disappointed at the end because A. He did not get to ride on a boat (he has become convinced that Tobe needs to build our family a boat) B. He did not get to swim in the lake(Despite the fact that temperatures dropped while we were outside and he was practically under my coat at the end of the service in feeble attempts to stay warm). C. Neither the Easter Bunny nor Santa Claus were in attendance.

After E's morning nap, we set out to take some Easter pictures. Our original plan was to hit the local botanical gardens for some shots with their tulips, but I decided winter coats would simply not work with the purple/green clothing theme we had going. Instead we ventured out to the local convention mega-hotel and had quite the lovely time. However we were unable to sneak into the fancy Champagne brunch being offered for $40 per person.

Upon arriving home, we were stunned to find such lovely things on our fireplace hearth
(By the way, E. has the fancy Pottery Barn Easter basket only because someone was selling them cheap on Ebay pre-personalized. They had some random names to choose from...Leonard, anyone?....but also had "Evelyn." Obviously I was the only bidder. They had an "Isaak" but it had a "K" rather than a "C". Besides, Isaac wanted to stick with the lion basket.)

Obviously, Evelyn was beyond thrilled with Easter. She is on the sickly side these past few days, so not very much excites her.
However a new thing to love on makes her super happy
Yes, this is a foam hat made to look like a strawberry. I call it her Easter bonnet and she loves to wear it.
After lunch and naps, we set out to hunt eggs.

Evelyn's eggs were filled with Cheerios. Here she holds out her basket in hopes of getting something better..

Hope everyone had a marvelous Easter Day!


Erika said...

How precious! Sounds like a perfect Easter day!

Sydni said...

I absolutely adore all the pictures. You are so very blessed!

margk said...

Great pictures! I love their outfits, too. Sounds like a great Easter.

Amy said...

I agree it sounds like it went perfectly!

Kelly said...

Great pictures!

DCVol said...

Your kids are getting so big! They are adorable and I love reading all your stories and commentary on their adventures- they are precious and you are such a fun mommy! Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers along Bennett's journey~ hope to see you whenever we can convince Trav to let us make the TX trip with B :).