Friday, March 07, 2008

Second Verse...Same as the First!

Love this picture? I am thinking this should be the photo for the next card sent from casa de phillips because it completely sums up who we are right now. Evelyn has somehow lost her shoes and is fighting aggressively to get away. Isaac is upset and in need of some affirmation. My hair inexplicably has a mind of its own. We could just photoshop a picture of Tobe into this nice little portrait and send a lovely Easter greeting out from our family of four.

Despite the fact that I have sworn at least seven times by now that I am not going to take my children to get their pictures professionally I loaded them up to get their pictures professionally made. It is if I suffer from picture amnesia and think that suddenly this experience will be joyful and my children will resemble the happy, cooperative kids in the print ads I receive in the mail.

The three of us marched ourselves right into the studio, decked out in our Spring finest, regardless of the two inches of snow still on the ground. The session was not too tragic, considering Isaac refused to enter the studio and Evelyn had decided to skip her morning nap. Knowing that bribery might be needed with my oldest child, I had come prepared with a bag of marshmallows to entice sitting for a few shots. Sit for a few shots he did and managed to give the most pained expression in the majority of them. Sigh. I am sure someday I will look back on all these pictures and smile at a little boy who hated having his picture taken. (Unless he is still pulling these tricks when Senior Portrait time rolls around).

In more random, disjointed news Evelyn went for her nine month well-visit this week (despite the fact she turns 10 months old in a few days). As we suspected, the girl is off the charts in height. Drum roll please....she is 31 inches long. 31 inches! No wonder we seemed to have skipped right to size 12-18 months clothing. She also weighs in at a healthy 20.1 pounds. The doctor commented on how babies that usually weight 20 pounds before the age of one tend to look chubby, yet Evelyn is quite the skinny girl. I guess all those 31 inches help distribute the 20 pounds. Isaac was 18 months old before he weighed 20 pounds, so this is a whole new world to me.

A lot of people usually inquire as to how old Evelyn is and then comment on how big she is for her age. This has set the wheels in my head in motion. I don't want the comment, "Oh, you are so tall!" to become a burden for Evelyn if she does indeed remain tall. I want this to be something she embraces and puts (a reasonable amount of) pride in. I pray many things for my children, one of those being that they find early on a healthy sense of confidence in who they are, flaws and qualities alike.

In sad news, this also means sweet E. has technically outgrown the Baby Bjorn. Not sure how we are going to safely navigate the park anymore. Any suggestions about this from more seasoned mommies are greatly welcomed!


Our snow is quickly fading into murky puddles of water. I am working up the desire to download our own snow pictures from the camera, edit them, and post them on the blog. I have greatly enjoyed reading every one's tale of a snow day in March!


Elizabeth said...

When Charlie outgrew the Baby Bjorn, I switched to a Ergo backpack carrier (it's soft like a bjorn, but it somehow holds a kid up to age six!) I love my Ergo...check it out at

Okay, ergo commerical is now over. : )

Sydni said...

I really, really like the pictures. The first one is probably my favorite.

summer said...

Too bad you couldn't bring the bunny that used to frequent your back yard with you into the studio. Your kiddos are adorable!

Kelly said...

The pictures are great!

kate m. said...

I think the pictures turned out cute! I understand about the painful process that professional picture-taking is though, and I only have one child. At least you don't have to pay a sitting fee!

I know he is a boy, but people are always commenting on how tall Jackson is also. Then there are times when I quickly volunteer that he is only 2 and a half as some sort of excuse for his behavior because due to his height, he does look older than the other 2 year olds.

Shanta said...

Hoppy Easter! Those are sweet pictures. it looks like they did great!

Amy said...

I still use the Moby Wrap with my little guy (13.5 months/31 in/22lbs)... very handy, though getting on/off is not quite as quick as Bjorn. Your kids did beautifully despite difficulty cooperating. Next time your in town, I'll show you some pics of a sitting with Little C where she bawled the ENTIRE time!

Sarah said...

Love the pics, Lynley - you'd never knew they didn't want to have their pictures taken. They look adorable!

Shelley said...

They are so cute... It sure makes it hard to be too upset with them for not cooperating on the pictures.

Erika said...

I love the pictures! You have a beautiful family.

As for the carrier, I use a mei tai. There is a slight learning curve to it, but it is awesome once you get it down. You can do a front, back or hip carry with it, and it folds up nicely in a diaper bag.
Steven's mom made me one, and I just bought some material to try to make some myself. If it turns out decent, I'll send you one of Erika's Originals. :)

Jennifer said...

the pics turned out great!!