Monday, March 03, 2008

The Life and Times of Isaac

The boy just walked out of his bedroom (40 minutes after we put him down for the night and despite the 7 o'clock rule that is normally adhered to), tossed me a quick glance as I stood in my room with an obviously confused look on my face, and nonchalantly said, "I just have to go to the pot*y."

Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?

Lately he has really been struggling with bossing people around, telling us to do a variety of things "right now." That does not go over so well here at casa de phillips. We have had many conversations about being respectful and about who is the Mommy and who is the child. The bossiness carries over to his interactions with baby sister, whom he enthusiastically tells "No Sir, that is not for you Baby Evelyn" about ten times a minute. Again we have the conversation about how his job is to worry about Isaac only and leave Evelyn to me. Today he told me randomly, "Mommy, just worry about Mommy." Despite the fact that he was precariously toeing the line of disrespect, I could not contain my giggle.

He picked up the phone today and began earnestly punching buttons. I inquired as to who he was calling, to which he replied, "Ms. A-son."

The conversation went like this:

"Hello, Ms. A-son. It's me, Isaac. Hello. I have a new band aid. Hello (obviously he has gotten the greeting part down). Yes, Ms. A-son. Bye-Bye, Ms. A-son. See you later."

Speaking of band-aids, Isaac normally wears one everyday on his wrist. Don't is something that started months ago and it keeps the hair combing/ teeth brushing experience drama-free. I figure I can drop $2.75 every few weeks for a new box of band aids to keep this area of our life calm. Anyway, Isaac has been sporting two band-aids (one on each wrist) for over a week now. I inquired the other day as to when he was planning on removing these band aids. He replied, "When I am three months (he gets confused with months and years)." At least he has a plan and I can start saving my $2.75.

(*By the way, I am still looking for great last minute dinner solutions...feel free to share any ideas! I have loved the ones shared so far!)


Amy said...

I can relate so much to this post. Thanks for sharing!

Paige said...

Last minute ideas...I usually ALWAYS have the ingredients for my chicken spagetti on hand! It calls for:
2 cans of chicken
3 cans cream of chicken soup
jar pimentos
greenpepper (which I can leave out if I don't have one!)
shredded cheddar

IN FACT we are having THIS for dinner tonight! If you want the actually recipe just let me know...