Saturday, March 22, 2008

An Open Letter of Apology

Dear New Parents visiting our Neighborhood Park Yesterday,

First, let me congratulate you on your beautiful three month old daughter. I am sure she is quite lovely, but the 3.5 second glimpse I was able to catch of her when not chasing my own children only told me she was wearing pink socks. They were nice.

Allow me to apologize for the fact that all the pictures of your baby's first trip to the park will also include my son. Apparently he was quite excited to have someone else to share his new found discovery of a pine cone with other than his own Mommy. Years from now when you look back on little Susie's first ride on the swing or trip down the slide and see a smiling, blue-eyed boy in the corner of all your pictures, please know that he was well-intended in his apparent endeavors to ruin every family photo taken yesterday. His name is "Isaac" if you care to simply write him into your daughter's baby book.

Also know that if you are blessed with more children, you will likely allow number two (or three or four...) to sit in the wood chips and dig to her heart's content. You will not panic when she decides to sample her surroundings, just calmly rake the wood chip from her mouth while continuing on with your conversation (I know witnessing this was a bit horrific to you at the time yesterday). If you are truly blessed to have children close together, you will simply look at the oldest with a confused expression when he too decides to eat a wood chip simply because his younger sister did (fortunately, he chewed his up).

Best of luck in parenting your new bundle of joy. The weather is predicted to be nice again today so perhaps you can re-do your park photo shoot minus my children.


A Fellow Parent


Sydni said...

Thanks for a good, hard laugh.

Shelley said...

YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!! Love that post! Our kids never cease to embarrass us. Oh for the day they are 16 and we get to embarrass them :) Have a great weekend...

Paige said...

You seriously crack me up! By the way, the polka dot rain coat: OshKosh from SAMS! My dad gave it her for her birthday.

Amy said...

That was too funny! Thanks for sharing!