Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow Day 2008

Despite the fact that the calender read "March 3rd" yesterday and my pear trees are beginning to bloom, we were greeted by snow late last night here at casa de phillips.

Just last week I was lamenting over the fact that Isaac likely would not see a snowfall this winter and perhaps never would due to that pesky global warming (which I just typed as "warmal globing" and could not figure out why that sounded strange for the past five minutes)....then we were blessed with a beautiful, small snowfall. I contemplated waking Isaac up around 9:30pm so he could see our winter wonderland, but then decided nothing is crueler than to be woken from a deep sleep under a warm quilt and thrust into 30 degree weather.

I saved mentioning the snow until Isaac woke this morning and simply opened the front door for him to see all the beautiful white (which was already beginning to melt at 7am). His response was priceless...those big blue eyes lit up and he said, "Oh, Mommy, snow! I make a snowball right now!" and then proceeded to charge out the door in his pajamas. After a quick wardrobe changing and bundling up, we were out playing in the rapidly melting snow by 7:15am. Because Evelyn does not even like the feel of grass, I figured she would not be too keen on snow. Therefore she enjoyed our outdoor time from the comfort of the Bjorn (which she is about to outgrow...then what will I do??).

Here are a few shots from our "snow day". Those of you from up North please do not laugh at our measly inch of powder.

The joy Isaac felt when he discovered he could actually eat snow was immeasurable. Fortunately he does not realize that one can make ice cream from snow or I would have had to make an emergency run to Tom Thumb for condensed milk and rock salt.Evelyn unsure as to why we are outside so early in the morning when it is so cold.
Notice our pal "Raffes" tucked safely inside Isaac's coat pocket....according to Isaac, "Raffes needs to play snow right now!"


Shanta said...

Yeah for snow days! I'm glad you got to capture the fun.

Kelli said...

It only iced a small section of our garage window out west where I am. We should have driven your direction- I had no idea you guys had "so much!"

Sydni said...

I did laugh at your snow... before I read not to laugh! What great pictures!

Kelly said...

Wow, I'm jealous of your snow. Nothing stuck around here...just lots of slush and mud. Not near as fun to play in!

Amy said...

hmm, are you getting more snow now? Great pics!