Sunday, March 16, 2008

Breakfast with the Bunny

Spring is almost upon us, bringing with it Easter.

All I can say is that I hope Easter gets here soon because once again we are in the midst of a toddler calender crisis. By crisis, I mean that Isaac is aware that a holiday is approaching but his two year old mind can't quite grasp that tricky concept of time.

Repeatedly during the day, usually at the most unusual of times (for instance, through the bathroom door), I hear a sweet little voice ask, "Is it Easter day yet?" And then comes the ever-popular request to count down the days on Mommy's calender as to when it will actually be Easter.

Easter is another one of those holidays where the secular and the religious combine, making it quite complicated when explaining the details to children. Isaac knows Easter involves candy, a bunny, an egg hunt, and a cross....not exactly the true meaning we want him gleaning. I have decided that next year we are going to distinguish between the two more appropriately, designating all egg hunting and Bunny visiting as a part of welcoming in the lovely season of Spring and keeping Easter with its appropriate focus on the Resurrection. Because I really fear if we do not show a clear distinction between the two that Isaac will come to believe the Easter Bunny to have been present somewhere around the empty tomb.

Welcoming of Spring for our family means the annual event of eating breakfast with the Easter bunny. Isaac has been almost unable to contain all excitement about this event. He exited his room quite giddy Saturday morning and proclaimed, "My Bunny is going to be so excited to see me today!" Saturday we loaded up in the car, dressed in our "nice" clothes, and ate eggs and biscuits with Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. Both kids loved every minute. Evelyn would crane her neck to get glimpses of the bunnies while she ate. After breakfast, the kids enjoyed a lovely (read: calm) egg hunt. After one last hug with Bunny, we headed out and enjoyed the remainder of our Saturday.
Here are a few pictures from our breakfast:


JenniferReinsch said...

I thought the Easter Bunny rolled the stone away from the tomb. Is that not correct?

One of the BIG Baptist churches here in the Houston Area is advertising its Easter Service on its billboard. They are having Easter Service on Friday at Noon and Saturday at 6pm. That just blows my mind.

kate m. said...

Cute! Like Isaac, Jackson loves the Easter Bunny, but for some reason, he wouldn't actually sit in the bunny's lap. I bought those "Resurrection Eggs" this year with the intent to at least get a few lessons on the true meaning of Easter into Jackson's little brain. I also got him the Veggie Tales Easter Carol movie, which we have watched a few times. It makes a big deal about how Easter isn't about eggs but about Jesus, hope, etc. It is a spoof of the Christmas Carol and is pretty cute. Finally, Jackson has the boy version of Evelyn's Easter basket.

Kelly said...

I hadn't ever thought of that, but I love the idea of welcoming Spring and celebrating Easter. Great idea and adorable kiddos!