Thursday, March 20, 2008

Searching the Hollows of My Mind

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I have stared at this little white box on Blogger now for quite the while, hoping to stir the creative juices inside of me.

Apparently those creative juices are on Spring Break this week, so I give you a few random thoughts/occurrences until something with more substance surfaces.

  • Evelyn is featured on the front page of our local newspaper. The paper snapped her picture at "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" last weekend and we have been eagerly awaiting her debut in newsprint. It is not the greatest picture, but still something fun to put in her baby book (which I should really update considering the last time I opened it was for the nurses at the hospital to put her footprints in it...)

  • Evelyn began saying "Isaac" constantly yesterday, which helped minimize the breakfast conversation from Tuesday. When she says it, she says, "IIIIIIIIIII-sic." Can't imagine where she could have possibly learned to make every word have at least two syllables.
  • (What, you don't keep a large Little Tikes dump truck on your hearth as decoration?)

  • Yesterday Isaac sported a shirt with a flaming guitar that read, "Motown". It made me laugh every time I saw him round the corner in that shirt. Tobe purchased this article of clothing during a business trip to Columbus, Ohio while I was still pregnant with Isaac. It has been tucked away in Isaac's closet until he was finally big enough to wear it.
  • While making a diaper run with the children yesterday, a fellow shopper inquired as to what Isaac's shirt said. I proudly exclaimed, "Motown" and was greeted with a blank stare. For some unknown reason, I felt compelled to explain Motown to this man, who continued to look at me with an odd stare. Seriously, where are my social skills these days?

  • Last week at our Thursday playtime I spotted a fellow Mommy who I thought I knew from my ACU days. Later that evening, Tobe and I poured over our college yearbooks until I found her picture (and became slightly depressed over the fact college is long gone), certain this was the girl I had spied at playtime. I even emailed Alison to let her know I had spotted this girl. Yesterday at playtime, the girl was there again. Right before I said, "Didn't you go to ACU?" she said to me, "I think I know you from (I was about to interrupt with "ACU?") such and such...." Turns out she is not a fellow wildcat, but I actually know her from another mommy thing. I was caught so off-guard from this twist words simply escaped my mind. And I was left wondering yet again where my social skills have disappeared to and if I will ever possibly find them again.

  • Due to a preschooler who took a longer-than-usual nap on Wednesday, Evelyn and I were able to catch a few minutes of Oprah. Miley Cyrus was her guest (AKA Hannah Montana...who apparently is quite the sensation for girls age 5-13). A lot of the discussion was based on how grounded this fifteen year old is despite the fact that her childhood is being spent in the limelight. After commercial break, out comes dad Billy Ray Cyrus (yes, that Billy Ray) to gush over the talents of his daughter. It was then that he said the most frightening thing a parent can ever say, "I just want to be her friend." Please, Billy Ray, don't be her her parent. Let the other 15 year old girls be her friend.

  • Watching the little girls go crazy (and the moms weep, which just mystified me) over Hannah Montana made me a bit glad we are still in this innocent phase of childhood:

Happy Good Friday!


Jennifer said...

love the shirt!

Have a Happy Easter!!

Sydni said...

Sayler liked that video so much. I did too of course.

That's pretty exciting to have Evelyn on the front page!

Kelli said...

Another friend and I have held long discussions and finally decided that Hannah Montana would be voted our next president if given the opportunity.

My social skills are gone. The other day I found myself at Chick-fil-A staring at another lady trying to figure out how I knew her. Eventually she got up and moved. Apparently staring is not socially acceptable past age 3.

margk said...

Ahhh, so sweet! She is growing up fast. You will have to post the newspaper picture. I was excited when Patrick and his cousin, Chloe made the front page a couple of years ago. I remember I got a lot of copies from the paper.

I tried the bubbles in a bucket idea yesterday while washing the cars. It worked for a little while but Nicholas was more interested in either helping wash the car or escaping to the street.