Sunday, November 09, 2008

Adios, Childhood!

Friday I had to break my little boy's heart just a bit.

We were driving home after a successful outing to the local public library (Friday mornings are THE time to go if one is seeking a deserted children's area). We had scooped up some Thanksgiving books, some craft books, a few Berenstain Bear books, and two DVDs.

One of those DVD's was the ever-popular Blues Clues.

As we were driving home, everyone in joyful spirit due to our great little trip, Isaac said something about Blue and his baby sister Sprinkles (one must watch Blue's Clues and Blue's Room to understand who I am referring to. If this is not in your viewing genre, just know these are two characters in this children's program.). I attempted to explain that Sprinkles is indeed Blue's baby brother.

Then I had to drop the bombshell....Blue is a girl.

Isaac laughed out loud, thinking I was playing some sort of joke on him.

We had at least a 20 minute discussion on how---despite being the color blue---Blue from Blue's Clues is indeed supposed to be a girl. And Sprinkles---although white with prominent pink and orange polka-dots---is a boy.

Blue's Clues is breaking all gender stereotypes, dear reader.

It took most of lunch for Isaac to process this information. He was still questioning it later as I laid him down for naptime. I felt like I had robbed a little piece of his childhood from him, burst a bit of his innocence bubble, and had might as well told him that the whole Santa and reindeer thing is just a sham (I didn't).

Hopefully he won't realize until he is at least four years old that Steve and Joe aren't really brothers....


Ashley said...

I am so glad you posted this story because I wondered what you were talking about on your facebook. So funny.

Kelly said...

That is so funny and sad. I have to admit that it took me quite awhile to figure it out. Tate is a big BC fan, and I just realized recently that he is a she!