Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Works for Me! Toy Edition

On the way to preschool this morning, Isaac and I were playing "I-Spy: Shapes Edition" (E. was playing as well...however, she was only pointing out pumpkins. She isn't quite there with the shapes yet). Anyway, during a heated battle of who could find an oval first, Isaac exclaimed, "I see Christmas decorations!"

Yes, our fair city started stringing the lights today and had wreaths set out on sidewalks.

Granted we live in a tourist-y area and Christmas begins early around here, but I would like just a few more weeks with the pumpkins and scarecrows, please.

Because Christmas is lurking on the horizon, Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a Toy Edition of Works for Me! Wednesday.

I do have to admit that I am a fan of toys. I am attracted to their bright colors, fun features, and jazzy commercials that run on TV (cleverly during prime hours on the Food Network). It is a constant inner-battle to not let toys over-run our house. I fight the urge to buy something simply because it looks fun or because my children will be so happy to have a new possession. Rather I seriously contemplate the purchase, determine if it is something that will truly get played with, and decide if there is room in casa de phillips for said item.

That being said, here is a run-down of some of our favorite toys:

1. Puzzles

We love puzzles here at casa de phillips. The brand that we like the most is Melissa and Doug, due to their sturdy build and their variety of levels. Just this morning, Isaac worked this puzzle of the world while waiting on breakfast. He loves to point out India, saying that is where Mr. Mark lives (a friend who is currently traveling in India).

2. Art Supplies

Isaac and Evelyn both enjoy doing crafty things. I keep a variety of art supplies tucked neatly away in our kitchen. I believe encouraging kids to be crafty and express themselves through art is incredibly important to their development. I also believe that washable paints, markers, and crayons are a gift from God to the mothers of the world.

Isaac's current favorite thing to draw/write is music. He is really into composing songs, which include high and low notes. Here is his latest song, waiting at the piano until nap time is over and he can play and sing along to his work.
3. Books

If you have ever entered through the doors of casa de phillips, you have noticed our collection of books. We have books in the living room, in baskets in each child's room, in the bathtub, and in the car. My kids love books. Currently Isaac is really into the Berenstain Bears, Little Critter, and seasonal books. Evelyn enjoys anything with babies or animals on its pages (or apparently Forbes magazine as shown below)

4. Fisher Price Little People
We have a collection of Fisher Price Little People and accessories that I believe gets pulled out and played with on a daily basis. These are toys that both children can play with together and enjoy as a team. I *heart* Little People and remember them being a favorite from my own childhood.

5. Plastic Play Food

We have a bucket of plastic food that I purchased at Wal-Mart for about $5. The kids love to play with this! Isaac will set up a grocery store, a picnic, or a restaurant. Evelyn will dump everything into a bowl and stir her heart away. They love play food so much, that we have a set for inside and for outside.

6. Little Tikes Outdoor Toys
We have a few pieces of the Little Tikes outdoor play equipment and the kids love it. They can play around outside while I cook dinner in the kitchen. The best part about these toys is that they were all purchased used and I plan to re-sell them once the children have outgrown this stage.
And if all else fails, we simply lug the cozy coupe inside for a little Drive-In Movie time.
What are some favorite toys around your house?

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margk said...

We have lots of Little People, too, but do you remember Weeble Wobbles? I wish I still had my Smurfs, too! It seems like we have every toy ever made. Favorites with both boys have been blocks, tinker toys, trucks, trains (of course), cars and race tracks, books, art supplies, ballons, bubbles and chalk. What I have noticed most about my kids is that they do not need battery operated toys. They may play with them for a bit, but they don't hold my kid's interest over time.

Jordan said...

We share a lot of the same toy interests! Although my children never did get into puzzles. I'm not much of a fan either. I guess we are just too free spirited around here to believe that one piece can only fit into one exact place! (Ha Ha) Since most of our toys were moved to the new house attic to get ready to sell the old house, it's been like Christmas around here. Eli and Phoebe's favorite thing is to go exploring in the attic to find "new" toys and dragging them all over the house! I'm tackeling the playroom this afternoon so maybe some progress will be made. I should probably start by getting off the computer! :)

Kerri said...

My 2-year-old just got plastic play food for his birthday. My 10yo daughter was more excited than he was, I think. Definitely a great toy for different ages. We also have the "outside" play food!