Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Football Class 101

As I wheeled the family station wagon in the park parking lot this morning, I issued my most grave threat of how all fun....ALL FUN!...will be cancelled should two little children choose not to obey.

Sometimes being a parent and having the authority to issue such statements is a tad fun.

Anyway, after I basically threatened to cancel the remainder of their childhoods should either Isaac or Evelyn misbehave, I unloaded them and our double stroller from the car. We then sat off to participate in an outdoor fitness class.

The two snacked for a bit, chatted, and stared in awe (or embarrassment) as the group of adults attempted various physical feats in the morning sunshine. I then allowed them to get down from the stroller and run in a nearby field while I finished up the remaining twenty minutes of class.

Apparently 20 minutes was all Isaac needed to conduct his own "Ode to Joy Football Class" (I didn't name it people, I am simply rehashing the details). He made Evelyn run, he made her jump, she crawled, the girl chased after footballs and squirrels, and dove into piles of leaves. I had trouble concentrating on my series of crunches mainly because I was laughing so hard. Despite a frame more suited for soccer or swimming, seems that Isaac has some genes deep inside of him to coach football. He had that 18 month girl running all over the park, in his own series of drills and plays.

The whole class paused at one point to see her fetching the football repeatedly for her brother as he barked commands at her.

I imagine one day her womanly nature to boss and direct will override his generally easy-going attitude and she eventually will be the sibling calling the shots, however today I greatly enjoyed observing the ever-popular "Ode to Joy Football Class."

And fortunately no one's childhood had to be cancelled.


Kelly said...

Funny story! I'm most in awe that Evelyn listened and stayed put. Tate would be running to the other side of town.

PS: I went ahead and found a really good deal on a Little Tikes slide/climber. But if you find that contact info., I'm sure I could use it when I'm ready to get rid of it. :) Thanks for trying ot find it.

Erika said...

These little boys!! Mine is obsessed with football. I don't know where he learned it either. They must be born with it!!