Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Grey For Her

Pull out the baby book, because yesterday Evelyn and I had our first clothing battle.

Honestly I didn't think entering "Fought Mother Over Clothing Choice" into her baby book would be an option until at least five years of age.

Clearly I underestimated the force that is Miss E.

Yesterday morning as I dressed Evelyn, I happened to pull out a beautiful smocked Christmas outfit from her closet to show Tobe. Seems it caught the eye of Evelyn. As I attempted to stuff her little legs in jeans and her baby arms through the sleeves of a grey sweatshirt (which she insisted was "Isaac's"...which technically it was, but now through the magic that is hand-me-downs it belongs to her), she begin crying, saying, "No! Pretty!". Seems that grey and denim were not her choice for the day and she preferred something a bit more fabulous. Because we were all heading out to work/play in the garage, fabulous was not an option.

Lots of tears were shed. However, I stood my ground and Evelyn finally appeared outside, grey sweatshirt and all. After a few rounds in the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and some tossing of golf balls, she was good as new.

Bless her sweet little misunderstood heart.

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margk said...

I was at the doctor's office Friday only to find out that there is nothing wrong with Nicholas. The advice was "pick your battles" (we are currently having a not want to sleep through the night/get in our car seat/eat our food at the table/change our clothes/brush our teeth/turn off the TV battle). I want Nicholas to put on clothes (opposed to staying in pjs every day) and always take his bath, etc., but some children will not go with the flow as planned. That is very hard for me personally, but perhaps the strong willed children need a little more lenience. Maybe I am just worn out. I can totally relate to your blogs about E. Hey, the good news is that the harder and more passionate the children are, supposedly, the brighter they are. So, I'll see you at Harvard!