Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just a Little Poop in the Morning

I had lofty dreams of cleaning the house from top to bottom this morning. One child is in preschool and the other I have entertained by enlisting her help with the Swiffer duster and also by bringing the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe inside for her to enjoy (a treat that happens only when one child is telling the damage two little ones could do with this car inside casa de phillips).

My lofty dreams lost a good portion of their steam by 8:15am this morning when I was looking at poop in the bathtub and a glob of yogurt in one child's hair. Fun times, this mommy thing.

The yogurt was washed out of child's hair in the kitchen sink, with child screaming the entire time. The poop has been scrubbed up and the dishwasher is currently scrubbing away all the germs off the bathtub toys.

After a quick run to preschool to drop off oldest child, youngest child and I returned home where I once again geared up to clean house. It was then that I discovered Brother had left markers out on the table (he is currently into composing music...don't ask) where Sister found them while I was cleaning the tub. I am now about to clean up a variety of red, blue, green, and brown marks off the kitchen floor.

Perhaps by 3pm I can really start cleaning house...

...or simply lay down on the floor and nap.


I have also been distracted by all the political talk today. I am happy to hear people from opposing parties come together and support our new President of this fine country. Good for us for being compassionate and unified!

I am beyond thrilled that my children will always know a United States of America in which a person of any color, race, religion, or gender can run for...and be elected...President.

I am beyond frustrated at people who are referencing the Left Behind Series and Anti-Christ when discussing our new president. I would hope we are beyond comparing religious fiction to reality.

Enough political talk...I have marker marks to make disappear.

Happy Wednesday!


Amy said...

I am also appalled at the anti-Christ talk! I certainly don't agree with our new president on some key issues, but to even consider that kind of name calling is reprehensible!

I hope you found more success toward achieving your goals today:-)

Holly O'Quinn said...

I hear ya! I've got a few stories like that of my own. However mine involve permanent markers...on my couch! The fun never ends.

I must amen your thoughts on all of the bashing that is being said. We are called to love, to pray for All in authority, and it's not a time for our country to be divided. We have to come together so Satan can not enter in. The attitudes and ill will toward others opens a door for him if they keep it up.

Robin said...

Sounds like quite a day! Hope you got to accomplish some of your non-Mommy goals today...I have found that when that list is more than two or three items long, there is really no hope of me getting anything accomplished and every possibility that I will end the day frustrated. If, however, I remind meself that my primary goal is "just" to Mommy, I can end the day with a smile...despite the unvacuumed flours or the ring in the tub.

With empathy,