Monday, November 10, 2008

Project Alert #2

While browsing a craft fair last weekend, I noticed the new trend of turning cookie sheets into works of art.

Such works of art included memo boards, photo frames, and Christmas Advent Calendars (and now, a reward/chore chart I made for Isaac last week. Pictures to come).

I have been searching for an Advent Calender for casa de phillips over the years and have yet to discover one that I like that is a reasonable price (But I do slightly covet the Pottery Barn version sold here)....

...until I saw the Cookie Sheet Christmas Advent Calender.

The booth selling these gems was charging a whooping $55 for such a calender.


I figure I could make one myself for a third the cost.

After a little online research, I quickly discovered directions for creating these calenders were everywhere. I immediately became inspired to put on my "Martha Stewart hat" and get crafty.

I love nothing more than pulling out the glue gun and spray adhesive, grabbing my sharpest scissors and stash of "good" markers (Read: Not Crayola nor washable), and setting myself down in front of Food Network for a little bit of craft time (obviously I do this when the children are in bed at night). Anyone interested in making their own Cookie Sheet Advent Calender?

In order to pass some time today, check out the following links to fully understand what I am talking about:

Organized Christmas Advent Calender

A Great Example found HERE

Another Cute Example

Happy Crafting!


Jordan said...

Two Thoughts:
Have you seen the house advent calendar at Target? I'm sure it's on their website, but I also know that you live in the land of amazing Targets so I'm sure it's there somewhere. It looks surprisingly like the one at Pottery Barn.

Check out Uppercase Living. They have stick on letters (kind of like wallies) and they have an advent calendar that you stick on a pizza pan. Way cute! I ordered one myself because I have been trying to get together an advent calendar for about four years. I never did find a crafty one that I really liked (although I do like the ones on your blog) and I didn't want one you filled with presents. I was so excited when I found this one. Check it out! :)

Also, I'd love to see a picture of Isaac's chore chart. We are currently using tongue depressors in a can and we need something that works a little better.

Jennifer said...

Love these calendars. I have a Christmas one already that I really like but have thought about making one of these for a Halloween countdown. You are like me...I see something and say to myself "I can so do that!"