Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Pictures '08

This morning, after I fuel my family up with a breakfast of homemade pancakes and Tang (I'll explain later as to why we have Tang in our house), we are throwing on our Christmas finery and setting out to take our lovely family Christmas pictures.

Last night Tobe and I had the honest conversation of how we seriously doubt we will get a great shot...we are hoping for something slightly workable. Our kids are the cutest thing ever, well-behaved and cooperative for the most part, yet seem to melt in fifty million tiny pieces when a camera appears on the scene. I have several...Several...professional pictures tucked away that involve my children and tears. Isaac's second Christmas picture involves my hand in the shot because I was having to force him to stand by the fake family living room backdrop to get at least one decent picture.

So today we are setting out...on our own, tripod in hand...and are going to attempt this seasonal feat. In honor of this, I wanted to share photos from cards past. Enjoy!

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