Monday, November 03, 2008

A Conversation with Simple Mom

In case you haven't heard, I am a big fan of the household notebook.

In fact just this morning I spilled half a cup of coffee on my own, handcrafted household notebook and literally thought my heart had stopped beating for a few seconds.

Fortunately I had the wisdom months ago when I crafted this thing to put my pages in plastic protectors. That Dunkin Donuts coffee wiped right off and I was able to continue on with my day and avoid a untimely and costly trip to the local ER due to an off-kilter heartbeat.

If you have not read about my household notebook, check it out here. Also, click here for some links to websites with more info on Household Notebooks.

Recently, I contacted Simple Mom (one of the "Queens" of the household notebook) and asked her a few questions about this book. I thought it would be a great time to share this conversation with Simple Mom, as we are approaching the end of 2008 and many people are considering what resolutions that will make in January (organization of one's home is usually top on that list!).

What led you to create a household notebook for your family?
SM: I just wanted a place to store all those little thoughts, papers, and ideas in one central location. I detest paper clutter, so this was a way for me to streamline what I need and focus only on the necessities.

How has having a household notebook helped structure your day?
SM: It provides me a central landing pad for all my tasks, so I routinely go through it and check things off, add to it, etc. I don't bow down and worship it, however, so when my day calls for change, I don't freak out over it.

What are some easy, “quick start” tips/techniques someone with limited amounts of time can use to create their own household notebook?
SM: Just START. Don't wait to do it perfectly, because it will always be a work in progress. Start printing some things you think you might need or use, and see how it goes. You could even start with blank paper, and start jotting down things you think of throughout the day. Then use that as your research for what you need to include.

Is there something currently not in your personal household notebook that you wished you had included or are planning to include in the near future?
SM: It started off as my go-to for everything, but now it's more of a storage solution for papers, checklists, and the like. I eliminated a lot of things I didn't need, so now it's mostly my master forms I created (and are free for download on my site).

What section of your household notebook has been most helpful to you personally?
SM: My Daily Dockets, easily. A close second would be the financial section, where I store my current monthly budget and ongoing financial goals.

Thanks, Simple Mom! Be sure to check out her website and use her handy search engine to read more of her thoughts on how to create a Household Notebook!


Heather said...

In one of your posts about your household notebook, you mentioned you had your address book on the computer. Can I ask what software you use? I've been using a PDA, but I'm ready to give it up and I'm looking for something just as good.

Phillips Family said...

We use the ever-fancy Microsoft Word to store our addresses! Yeah, it is not very high tech (nor a very pretty document) but it gets the job done. I really need to spif it up a bit and organize the mess that is our address book...but I just never get around to it.