Thursday, November 27, 2008

Freeze Frame

There are moments in life when I just want to freeze-frame my little world and keep everything exactly as it is at that moment.

Yesterday as my two children were running laps around our expansive sidewalk, shouting "Let's have a parade!" and falling into heaps of giggling toddler, I wanted to freeze that very moment.

I wanted the fading afternoon sunlight to always make Isaac's so golden.

I wanted the brisk wind to keep Evelyn's cheeks so rosy.

I wanted them to be fastest friends, just as they were in that exact moment.

I wanted them to only know that innocent, utter joy of being a kid.

Today as we all reflect on Thanksgiving and hopefully spend a bit of time with someone special, I hope you experience a freeze frame moment.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear reader!

(I'll be back soon with tales of my great Black Friday adventures!)

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Julie said...

beautifully said!