Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Arch Nemesis

Preschool drop-off line.

This might very well be the reason the local police one day pick me up and haul me off to jail, two kids and Disney-themed sippy cups in tow.

Allow me to explain:

Isaac's preschool has the wonderful feature of having a drop-off/pick-up line in which to deposit or retrieve one's child from school. This is a lifesaver, especially last year when I had a baby in an infant seat who was still often sporting her PJ's when we dropped brother off at school. Secretly, I wish someone was always on hand to open my car doors and either plop my child into the carseat and buckle him in or attempt to wrestle him free of the five-point harness in a manner that does not stop him from holding whatever treasure he happens to be holding at the time.

(Sidenote: After school was over today, I realized that Isaac had taken in a coloring book he had been working on in the car. The teacher side of me was mortified that he had gotten out of the car with this little trinket from home without me noticing. If you have ever been a teacher, you know the hassle that results when a student arrives at school bearing personal items from home. You know the frustration the teacher feels as she questions what type of parent allows their child to bring items from home to school. Isaac says he simply tucked the book into his backpack and I have refrained from calling the teacher and apologizing for this incident.)

Although there happens to be a very large convenience factor to the whole drop-off/pick-up line at school, there is a fairly large inconvenience factor as well....waiting. Waiting for whoever happens to be in front of the line that day to have their kid either removed or deposited into their car. Waiting on someone else's five-point harness (required by our school if child is under 35 pounds) to be fastened and straps adjusted on carseats. Waiting on someone else to hear their own report of how little Johnny did at school that day. For someone who has trouble waiting, this time can be truly maddening for me.

This is why I rush us out the door so we can get to preschool and be first in line. It is a matter of pride around our little casa as to whether or not we were first in line. We have been known to cheer on more than one occasion when we were narrowly able to pull in first to the parking lot, beating out another family.

This is why I attempt to express my road-rage (we have to drive on Interstates to get to preschool) in a sing-songy voice as a method of preventing my children from cluing into my angry words.

Being first in line is why one day when I ran into a fellow preschool parent at our local Target (which happens to be close to our school), I forfeited some items on my list so I could check-out before her, thus making it to the parking lot and my car before she was able to get to hers. We were dangerously close to pick-up time and I did not dare risk being second behind her simply because we were low on bread here at casa de phillips. Bread can wait. Preschool pick-up line cannot.

This morning we wheeled into the parking lot, gravel crunching under our tires, with Isaac chanting "First in Line! First in Line!". I didn't have the heart to tell him that we were likely last in line and that his school mates were already safely inside, starting the day (We were late due to Boot Camp throwing off our morning routine....and because I wanted to take pictures of Isaac in his Thanksgiving Feast attire he wore for his little holiday party).

Preschool Pick-Up is my arch-Nemesis.

What happens to be your arch-Nemesis these days?

Boot Camp Update: I survived day three of Boot Camp this morning. When I returned home, Tobe asked how it went.
Let's see, today we ran/speed walked three miles, did reps of either 50 or 100 of various exercises, and "cooled" down by doing five minutes of fast-paced squats. My reply to his questions went something like, "I threw up just a little bit in my mouth, so I guess okay."
Obviously, I am not armed forces material because five day boot camp is enough for me.
The picture above is just because these two are the cutest thing ever. Their new favorite activity is to hold hands and dance in a circle until someone falls down and gets injured or until someone cries. Fun times.


Anonymous said...

Lynley, I'm totally with you on waiting in line. I somewhat understand if you are dropping off toddlers, but... when Britt went to Bubba Joe elementary FOURTH GRADE, most of the parents and students were in the "I can't get out of the car until I'm right in front of the building" mode. There was about 200 feet of sidewalk all down by the parking lot. More than ONE car at a time could be unloading. I guess I was the only adult who had something else to do morning and afternoon (like go to work) except wait in line to drop off and pick up my child.

But since is was Brit, it was all ok. :-)


DCVol said...

Laughing at the carpool line drama....that pic of those two is so precious! Your boot camp sounds intense and makes me tired just reading about it~ you are good, very good.......I think I will just stuff my face next Thursday and then bear the bloated consequences the following week by "uping" my runs and crunches.

Amy said...

I too despise the wait, but have passed the time by allowing my little boy out of his carseat (since we're parked) and letting him play in the front seat. He LOVES it and it makes for time- passing entertainment.

Great job on the bootcamp! I wish I had that kind of willpower... or insanity. ;-)