Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cardigans in the Name of Charity

Bad news, readers.

I saw my first Christmas commercial of the season today and it is merely November 3rd. Seems commercialism isn't going to let November pass without going into full Christmas-mode.

Alas, I will accept it and move on (but I will not shop the Christmas aisles of our local mega-marts until the week of Thanksgiving. I simply refuse to look at ornaments and red and green decor until then!).

Such commercials remind me that I do need to take a peek at my Christmas list and see who I have left to buy for and what remaining items are still lingering on store shelves just waiting to be picked up by me. I am sure most of you are starting to closely examine your own shopping lists and gearing up for the holiday season as well.

Recently I was made aware of how one can shop at one's favorite stores on-line AND also participate in Box Tops for Education. Many of you are likely familiar with "Box Tops for Education" and often spy these little symbols fixed atop your favorite boxed foods. Perhaps you even cut those out and send them to your child's school.

Now you can participate in Box Tops for Education merely by shopping online. It is as simple as:

1. Signing up at http://www.boxtops4education.com/

2. Click on the "Marketplace" tab and finding your favorite store from a list of over 70 retailers (such stores on this list include some of my favorites as Banana Republic, Gap, Target, and One Step Ahead)

3. The school of your choice will receive a donation of up to 8% from your qualifying purchases.

As a former school teacher, I know how important money is to the individual school. I know how deep teachers often times have to reach into their own pockets when school budgets fall short. Box Tops 4 Education is a way to give back to local schools merely by shopping at stores you already visit.

I have signed up at http://www.boxtops4education.com/ and have listed the elementary school that my children will one day attend (since I currently do not have school-aged children) as my school of choice.

I have also decided that should I choose to purchase this lovely cardigan from BR and these jeans, it would merely be out of a charitable duty to our local education system.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

I admire the sacrifice that you are willing to make by purchasing the cardigan and jeans to help out others. I need to work at being that self-less too.

Jami said...

I also admire your selflessness. On the Halloween kiddos what a cute little western family. I am impressed that you all themed western, I wore orange and I thought I was doing good! Ginger and I missed you at Homecoming we might be there next year.