Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Early Christmas Miracle

So the Christmas picture photo session I mentioned went well. Surprisingly well.

No one fell into the koi pond.

There were very little tears....and none were shed by me (It has happened in the past at photo session with my children, people. I am not proud.).

We were able to keep the children from spying the playground that was adjacent to the park where we were taking the pictures.

All of our Christmas clothes avoided incident with dirt, leaves, or mud.

Isaac was thrilled that the family took a "hike" otherwise known as walking through a clump of trees.

Evelyn did not melt down until the very end, where she managed to throw a fit in her stroller and cause her forehead to bleed.

In the end, the pictures turned out pretty good. Now I must decide on which pose to choose and select a nifty little card for Kinda to whip up for me. In the meantime, here is a little video of my children's favorite activity to put you in the holiday spirit.



DCVol said...

Oh my adorable~ they are sooo cute! Can't wait to see the pics.....just hearing that Christmas music gets me in the mood for the season! Hope you had a great weekend.

Kelly said...

Too funny...we had our Christmas card photo taken Sat. morning as well (freezing!!!), and Tate is wearing the same sweater vest as Issac. We must both have good taste! :)

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Poor little Evelyn trying to run to keep up with Isaac. Their outfits are darling!

GPaty said...

I think E has on the same dress that I bought for Meredith for our pictures! I watched the video a couple of times and couldn't tell, but either way...she looks precious! Way to go on getting some great pics! Send some of that luck our way!

Robin said...

Congrats on a successful morning. It is quite a feat to get everyone coordinated and happy...not to mention STILL. A friend took our pic at the Arboretum last weekend...I found it definitely helps to keep your expectations low. :)